Cleaning a Shower Head with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Cleaning a shower head with apple cider vinegar. A very safe and cheap way to clean the mineral deposits off a shower head.


rlalko l says:

Is that John Goodman???

Julie Yakubova says:

Thanks for tip! Just put mine on lets see how it is in the morning!

akasha1211 says:

very clever! thanks

proudhon says:

Thanks for posting this vid! I used vinegar to clean limescale off ALL the
taps and showerhead in my flat when I moved in, its the cheapest and most
effective way to do it, slicing a lemon/lime in half and keeping in contact
with the taps also helps. No chemicals necessary just mother nature.

Andrew Ng says:

Should have shown the difference in water pressure of the shower before and
afer cleaning.

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