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Brunette Beauty Blogger

Hi beauties!

I buy this at Whole Foods. I’m sure you can buy at most health food stores.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, I am not an expert just my opinion from my own experiences and from what I have read. I really do believe this is a helpful product that has benefited me with losing the few pounds that I have gained over the summer. Thank you for watching!

Always consult your Physician before starting any diet or exercise program.

Thanks for watching!



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Cali Fornia says:

An ACV pedicure is just lovely too. Add 1 cup of ACV to a container and
then soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. Then, pull one foot out and take a
pedicure file and rub your feet–so cool the skin will fall right off.
Paint your toes and then put an organic and natural lotion on to soften.
The best pedicure in the world. The last salon pedicure I had my left big
toe fell off. No more salon visits for me. Also, the ACV pedicure will
take care of any type of foot odor. Your feet will feel clean, clean,

Gabrielle Sunheart says:

This stuff is AMAZING!! The best 3$ you will ever spend!!! Much more
healing than ANYTHING your dumbass doctor wants to sell you for a fortune!!
I got rid of pimples and lost 5 pounds while eating the same exact diet in
one week!!

Roger Rivera says:

That was my weight loss answer. I now take it every morning before
breakfast. I use about 1 tablespoon of it and mix it with a little honey
and cinnamon. I mix the vinegar, honey and cinnamon first before I add the
water. As soon as the water goes in, I do one final mix, an as soon as I
mix it, it tastes like apple pie. I’m not kidding. 

Cali Fornia says:

I love ACV. Here is a tip: pour 1/2 c. organic concord grape juice. Add
1-2 tsp. and then drink quickly. The grape juice masks the severe taste of
the ACV. I crave this concoction now. I feel so much better on ACV.

playandrepeat says:

Spectrum is also a good brand for organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
It’s a tiny bit cheaper too. 

Someguyto says:

I just started using this today. I am planning on buying some for gifts for
family. What would happen if you drank like a glass full of it straight?

rnk47222 says:


Craig Knox says:

For those worried about your teeth, just rinse your mouth with some baking
soda dissolved in water. It will help neutralize the acid in your mouth.

Brittany Powell says:

I used Bragg’s ACV for a while, and then stopped. Your video has motivated
me to start up again. I really didn’t mind taking a “shot” of it mixed with
water after I ran/worked out. I am for sure going to start up doing this
again tho! 

stripeshuman says:

Please do a bit more reasearch on diabetes before you give advice like
this.You could cause an impressable young diabetic girl great harm.Nice
videos and you seem really sweet.

Cali Fornia says:

I am on the way the Vitamin Shoppe to get my ACV,

Laverne Beck says:

Drink it throw a straw instead. Thanks

Christy Spade says:

Very good stuff! I use this every day. It really does work for weightloss.
Also I do not use any other brand.

Linda Robb says:

It is incredible for a sore throat with honey 1T/1T

Rockovissi says:

I read that if you have a lot of sugar cravings it could be linked to
candida overgrowth in your gut. Apple Cider Vinegar, I believe, helps to
kill off that fungus as well.

sigmiami says:

It is also very acidic and can damage teeth enamel. There are no conclusive
studies showing vinegar burns more fat. Eat a low carb diet 50-100g per day
– eliminating sugar, flour, grains, alcohol and you will lose weight. 

kamal pandit says:

This almost-magical weight loss tactic melts pounds faster than any
powders, pills, or potions. Copy And Paste Into Google Fat Blast Furnace to
find out more.

himesh paul says:

Hello! Did you ever tried the Fat Blaze Factor (google it)? Ive heard a
number of awesome things about it and my buddy burned lots of unwanted

Chuck Cassian says:

great tape thanks good job one of the best.

Qeiylah Rylie says:

Its Truee! actually i tried it like 2 days…

but drinking apple cider before im going to sleep ..

in the morning i didn’t feel to eat until night

at night i just eat bread amd continue the apple and it turns out i loose 1
kg from 2 days xD

carla lopez says:

You should drink it with a straw…for less acid on the teeth..Ty for your
video very helpful and you are Beautiful…:)

brizza1202 says:

Drinking it with a straw would be another option ☺

Brunette Beauty Blogger says:

: )

Shakera Salmon says:

Can I drink it with lemon water 

Jessie Swor says:

Ace-tic Acid? You’re information about carbohydrates is off. 

jmikegreg says:

I’ll do anything a woman who looks like the Duchess of Cambridge says to
do! (:-P

ElElMagnus says:

rapid fire info and you’re beautiful … great combo.

Praj M says:

1 problem: every time I drink it I literally gag for 15 minutes 

Gigi Nobles says:

I really like this idea but I get really bad heartburn–really bad. Any

Kelly Harrington says:


SuperPerfect10 says:

Do you recommend to putting it in green tea? I read that someone did that
so I tried it. It really helped the taste, but would it effect my teeth
worst in that way?

dragon2195 says:

just sip it through a straw that should help with the teeth.

ElCangri137 says:

What if the reasons hunger dwindles is because of a type of placebo effect?
That what if since you noticed you gained weight it caused your hunger to
become suppressed? Just me wondering because some of these diet aids work
for some and not for others then we hear (yes but u must also mind your
food and exercise). Well then it wouldn’t had been the diet aid then now
would it? Just trying to figure this out to not start swearing on something
that really isn’t doing anything. Not saying this is necessarily the case
here though just something to ponder. 

Susan Lambert says:

*Losing weight and maintaining a lean and healthy body is important as it
helps lengthen one’s lifespan while also shields one from the social
stigmas subjected to those who are overweight.*

Sonialei77 says:

I know of someone who took this religiously with a cup of green tea before
every meal and regulated her insulin levels so much so that she went off
her metaformin (PCOS) and lost a ton of weight in the process… All her
PCOS symptoms went away and because of this has been a walking
advertisement for braggs ACV LOL 

Sam Mihir says:

This Almost-Magical Exercise Method builds muscle faster than steroids.
Copy and Paste into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

A Od says:

It is not good for stomach walls..:)

Mika Gauger says:

Just wanted to let you know that acetic acid is pronounced Ah-see-tic acid.
Great vid!

Daniel Wotson says:

Have you ever heard of someone ordinary melting fat–and delighting in
three full delicious meals at the same time? Just Go And Google Fat Blast
Furnace to find out more.

renu tupper says:

Can I use ascetic acid vinegar ?? Or only apple cider vinegar ??


I must purchase me some great video and chanell doll subbed and rated up
from beautiful New Zealand. 

Sheldons Girlfriend says:

thanks I wasnt sure if it was really good for multi purposes thanks this
video helped me a lot

Lisa Cahill says:

I am from Philadelphia. So, i went 2 GNC. My mom is a diabetic so it will
benefit us both. Very helpful. I watched a few video’s. Your’s was more
beneficial. Thank u…

13xxi says:

Acetic acid – It is pronounced “uh-see-tic” acid. not “ase-tic”. lol.

Dale Buchanan says:

You are beautiful. 

Michelle Daikos says:

Great information!

Nalini Maraj says:

Once this suppresses your appetite it all I need, because I’m gaining too
much weight and I need to cut cravings. The diet and exercise I have no
problem with so once it does just that its a plus for me.

superblessed81 says:

Sometimes the simplest things and steps can make miracles in our life. I
started taking this and I feel good but I will feel even better I think.

BugsWisely says:

Eliminate cholesterol from your diet and you will lose weight and won’t
need to detox from anything. Vegans may not know why they are vegans but
there is a very good reason. The reason is the Animal’s Revenge 

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