Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects And Adult Acne… What Are They?

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Hey How’s it going, Raffy here,

If your watching this video than you did a search on youtube or google for apple cider vinegar side effects, and I’m here to share with you just that, plus you get a few tips on how to prevent those side effects from happening.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is the only Organic Product on the Market that I recommend, and stand by 100% because they have a product is really affordable around 3 to 15 dollars depending on the size you want, and you can take it orally and also use it as a toner on your skin.

I have been using it and taking it for the last 3 to 4 years, and can honestly say that it has really help clear my complexion and prevent future breakouts.

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vorkev1 says:

the biggest side affect I have found is that if I take it before bedtime I
wake up having troubles with sore dry throght and mouth now I just use it
durning the day when I wake up and at lunch with lots of water and take
honey with water at night

twinkywinky426563 says:

was drinking this for 2 months. by the 3rd it had made my throat raw and
uncomfortable, now whenever i eat anything even slightly spicy it feels
like a cold burning sensation in my throat, and if i drink from those water
bottles that you have to pull up the top to open, the inside of my throat
feels like,.. you know when you pull old ppls skin? how it slowly goes back
down? like that

Cappuccino17 says:

Unfortunatelly in Europe we don’t have Braggs, at least in my country I
only saw some German ACV, Apfel-essig, I hope it’s OK…

playandrepeat says:

Spectrum is a brand that also has organic, raw, unpasteurized apple cider
vinegar with the mother. And I’m sure there’s more out there. 

Alonzo Thomas says:

Great video bro great information. I have skin break outs I hope it helps
thanks for sharing 

mari lopez says:

Your skin looks amazing. 

Tiesha Reyes says:

I love it and it works!!

Princygirl18 says:

Very helpful video! I was wondering why I was getting an upset stomach! I
will keep taking it!

Nkauj Hmoob Angel says:

What is your skin type? Dry? Oily? Combination? and what is your face
routine (day and night)? Do you use anything else for your face?

think positive says:

I recommended this ACV toner to my cousin because I used Eden Apple Cider
Vinegar on my acne in forehead and they dried but left me with scars. I
never had acne before it was only when I drank something for
detoxification. Now my cousin is complaining that so many acne came out
scattered on her face after several days only using the vinegar plus she
was drinking it 3 times a day. I just advised her to continue it. Do you
think she has to continue the ACV toner? I am also still using the toner to
remove acne scar but seems my scar is stubborn. My face is still the same,
no pimples but I still have large pores and uneven tone which is the reason
why I still use this toner but it is also not working. I dilute ACV with
water on my face. I am wondering too if I start to drink this I might
experience the same like my cousin.

Laura Hernandez says:

Can teens use ACV on acne ? And also make it as a toner?

MsSassyMT says:

I didn’t know you could use this for acne. Very cool. 

Lourdes Acuna says:

Where can I get it and what’s the price?

ecology1st says:

Another tip to get rid of acne is to completely stop eating any kind of
dairy product. A large independent science study concluded that dairy
products are far and away the most likely culprit in just about all acne
cases, Juvenal or adult.

Olmo Rios says:


TruthAlways says:

I use drinking straw for apple cider vinegar as to prevent damage to
teeth’s enamel. 

islandcutie91 says:

Try coconut vinegar from coconut secret it’s much healthier than ACV and it
tastes much better

steven comstock says:

i was surprised to see it in the philippines… 

patrisha yglesia says:

i sure hope you’ve learned how to really use BRAGG’sby now..1-2 table
spoons in 8-1 to you0oz of WATER….don’t drink it full strength…READ the
bottle..even when products are ORGANIC it is still necessary to READ
whatever info they put on their packaging…they put that info there for a
REASON..good luck

Danny Cruz says:

what do u mean u would use it as a “TONEr” 2:10 llike put that stuff on
your face or where ever u have acne?

angelrhafael villaluz says:

Yes many coconut vinegar specially in mindanao..infact i used it in washing
yhe clothes and cleanibg the floor yet also clean the utensils

Angelito Libatique says:
Angela Smallwood says:

I have been having headaches from the Bragg ACV and feeling as if my heart
is racing, also you said there mite be a little sickness to your stomach.
In which way does it get rid of toxins from your body If you don’t mind me

angelrhafael villaluz says:

Yes many coconut vinegar specially in mindanao..infact i used it in washing
yhe clothes and cleanibg the floor yet also clean the utensils

mari lopez says:

Your skin looks amazing. 

Edwin Bryan III says:

Can I expect to see results if I follow the rules of drinking this morning
and night, but don’t use it as a toner?

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