Bentonite Clay on 4a/4b Natural Hair Tutorial | Kasheera Latasha

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Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay:
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar:

Hi loves! This is how I cleanse my hair with bentonite clay! I’ve been using the bentonite clay for the past 2 months and my hair is loving it! Its been shiny, moisturized and finally doing well in this dry Cali weather. Next up is the curl defining process which i’ll be updating you guys with very soon! Enjoy! : )

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Wash and Go Tutorial (Defining 4a/4b natural hair)

Wash and Go Tutorial (Defining 4a/4b natural hair)


Camera: Canon T2I
Tamron Lens


I’m Kasheera, a natural hair enthusiast, fashion lover, and conscious creator. I currently live in sunny Los Angeles. I post videos to inspire women to embrace their natural hair, beauty and to share their light with the world. Shine bright! I love empowering and uplifting through my creations. You will also find videos on emotions, energy healing, natural health, and deep discussions.

“Keep shining lovers” -Kasheera


vbaby says:

hair is just GORGEOUS! ugh if only….

Loopy Pop says:

You are beautiful ❤️

Stephanie Earle says:

BEAUTIFUL 😍 Thank you 💓

Bleach says:

Please answer, how long do you leave it on???

Piggy DS says:

very pretty… like a runway model 😘

Collisa johnson says:

Wait aren't you 4C/ 4B because your curl pattern isn't matching your curl type.

veronica kiyoko says:

I used all ingredients clay, act, aloe Vera and oil. Omg my scalp was thanking me, it felt really good and it washed out very easily. Try it altogether.

carolern77 says:

I just used the bentonite clay wash on my hair and I can't believe the curl definition. One useful tip put your mix in an applicator bottle to apply to your hair, this really help. Make sure the mix is thin enough to go through the tip of the applicator bottle.

Marsum says:

Love your locks

mostlyamazing says:

You never told how long you keep the clay in your hair.

Bettyaa Liddell says:

can this be used on locs

edenlife says:

your hair is beautiful. to retain your length do you wear a lot of protective styles or do you wear you hair out the majority of the time?

Brittany Johnson says:

You know that these clays the bentonite clay and others is causing lead poison. it's not natural at all. please stop using it. research it.

Arianna Culpepper says:

your hair is absolutely beautiful and you are gorgeous😍😍💞

Chanel Oldham says:

I tried making the mud a thinner consistency by adding more acv and then adding water and I apply it with an applicator bottle. I have 4c hair and i had no problem rinsing it all out that way. I also finish with a conditioner and rinse that out with cool water. I also added some oils (castor, rose hip seed)to the mix just to add to the conditioning properties of the mud. I use rhassoul clay for the most part and every now and then i'll switch to bentonite clay.

Zandile Dlamini says:

Your hair is deliciously thick! Lol. Love it!

zeewann says:

Loved the twirl! The outfit, the hair, the skin…..

JaVonna Williams says:

Hello I enjoyed this video on you applying the bentonite clay on your hair. I will be doing the bentonite clay on my next wash day. I'm so excited. I wanted to ask you a quick question to sum it all up what is the most important thing or key that contributed to your long lengths. You hair is beautiful. All women can have beautiful long hair if they take care of it.

Sharonda White says:

After you wash your with conditioner, do you apply gel or anything to keep the curls?

A1977ification says:

but the apple cider vinegar is way too acidic, isn't it? it's highly irritating fot the sculp and it dryes hair out…

The Soul Match says:

Thanks for posting I was wondering what it was good for. Will have to try it! 👍👍👍

Sydni says:

I loved the video this stuff is amazing. how many times a month do to do this?

Artaya Graham says:

your hair is beautiful

Gina G says:

love your hair vlogs. I would like to know. When applying the clay do I put it on freshly washed hair or dirty hair then wash it out with shampoo and conditioner?

Brandy Goldsmith says:

you can get the same clay for $5 from, just passing it on

Lydia C'est bien moi says:

Your hair looks amazing I'm jealous !!!

Nibbler800 says:

I find rinsing the mud from scalp is difficult. Thing is I'm not sure what to do about that as scalp would need more than just acv if it has heavy product build-up – Any ideas?

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