Bentonite Clay Natural hair Mask Wash Day Apple Cider vinegar Detox Remove Impurities and Chemicals

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Bentonite Clay Detox Natural Hair Wash Day Treatment Remove Toxins, Heavy Metals, Impurities, and Chemicals. 4C Natural Hair Praise Onaturals

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Dianna Price says:

your coils are beautiful ?

destined2bQueen Right says:

You have 4B hair instead of 4c.

Luz Landazury says:

You're amazing, love you??

Beverly Williams says:

how often do u use the clay in ur hair? iv recently started to use it too and i loved how my hair felt after

Mrssewhardtoplease says:

Your hair is awesome, I am loving those curls so bouncy!

Khala Harvey says:

apply to dry/lightly damp dirty hair! it works best that way

Shawnte' Tiara says:

I love how educational this video is. You explained everything so well!!!

pamela russell says:

Beautiful hair beautiful woman

F. Jones says:

What's better for 4c, low porosity hair clay or henna??

F. Jones says:

Does it strengthen the hair like henna?

You're Stupider Than Jupiter says:

How often can you apply this to your hair?

Tieasha S. says:

It's amazing as a facial mask!

GURU GEM says:

thank you, you broke it down very simpe

Eva Bound says:

Is your hair very fine or thick? How does your hair feel after you rinse it? My hair was too soft! And felt a little bit as if I had put oil on it! But I just used the clay! I am confused now! People say that it will dry your scalp and hair but in my case the opposite happened!!

OlObuffalo says:

really pretty hair

TerryKae' says:

It is my understanding that Bentonite Clay is a substitute for a wash. After you do the Bentonite clay treatment you are to deep condition after. I just do not want you to make your hair very dry by washing and then doing the Bentonite clay as well.

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