Beauty Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Today, apple cider vinegar is no more just an all-purpose kitchen staple but also a beauty potion. ACV helps maintain gorgeous skin as well as help deal with many other beauty woes. It promises everything from banishing acne to achieving stronger nails. Although the smell of apple cider vinegar might just want you to toss it out of your beauty kit, do not do that! Watch this video to know more about a few of the surprising beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar.

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Karthik Latha says:

site effect varuma

Mr haj says:

You lookin so beautyful😍😍😍

Gwendyl Montañez says:

she looks like julie ann san jose, female singer from philippines..

Aizah Ahmed says:

for me apple cider vinegar is the worst… it caused lil bit blisters near my nose area nd on the forehead and it sting my eyes and the smell..i feel like i am in the chemistry lab…dont use it.. i would recommend to use some cucumber aloe toner ..

Staicy Roce says:

Wooow I like it

Theresa Floresca says:

it smell sour. iww

Noushin Adiba says:

I am 15 years old. And i suddenly got quite of lot of pimples on my right cheek and some smaller ones on my forehead. If you people could advice something. It feels really irritating.

Sheen Arora says:

can this toner b stored for some days

Health Beauty and Food says:

Helpful video

Anjali parmar says:

awsm…nyc trick✌✌😍

May Angelika says:

Apple cider on my face is ONE OF THE BEST THINGS THATS EVER HAPPENED ON MY SKIN. it might smell a little bad but its all worth it

Amrita Giri says:

Great finally got what I requested sometime back but would be great to know some health benefits too

Fashan _Tv says:

Am I the only one who misses Faarah?

Ayesha Siddiqui says:

nice video n new info thanks

anam husain says:

Which brand acv is Gud ?

Ponygirl says:

Kindly let me know how to use acv for open pores? I have combination skin type and since last 2 months I have open pores on both sides of my cheeks near to nose.
Plz do reply.

preethi moor says:

Can u suggest me a good brand acv

Shainaz Sakharkar says:

Hey glamrs in the starting of the video where's the box from you get

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