Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment | 5-7 Days Acne Removal Challenge | Get Rid Of Acne

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You can use any Carrot Cream or any Acne Creams. Because I don’t always use the samething. You can use Any Soaps!

You can find products online or your local beauty supply stores.

Get rid of Stretch Marks

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Hair products

Pre-Poo Treatment before Co-Wash

Mix Hot Oil treatment before Co-Wash or Complete hair wash.

Deep conditioner!


Acne treatment.

Face mask treatment!



Frozen Flo says:

Soooo, how do you know if its the acv baking soda mix that is clearing up the acne scars or the skin lightening carrot creme that u use??

Juu Horan says:

Can we use other brand of apple cider vinegar for acne treatment????

Just Zazzy says:

That music tho

Congolese Beautyy says:

i have major dark spots on my chest and left arm, can i use the vinegar and baking soda on those areas only?

Phebian Lebbie says:

Alright thanks

Phebian Lebbie says:

please reply me back. can I use this remedies on the entire body?

love amor says:

clear skin ☺

AVE Skincare says:

Thank You for sharing:)

Wuba Engda says:

can i use baking powder if no soda…

Lil G BGD says:

your skin is beautiful

Lil G BGD says:

It worked on your acne which is amazing

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