Apple Cider Vinegar with Garcinia Cambogia Update 2 | Weight lost Diet

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update video from my Apple Cider/Garcinia cambogia video:

Link to Apple Cider Vinegar :

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Princess Bigfoot says:

how many times a day am I supposed to drink the ACV?

Sonya Brown says:

You MUST drink lots of water in order to not feel that hungry burning pain. Usually half you body weight. But drink more water when you have that hungry feeling.

raymond Alex says:

I take two tablespoons per 8-ounce glass of apple cider vinegar. Make sure you get the original Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA. It is extremely important HCA IS THE KEY INGREDIENT. If you are taking less than 60% HCA you are wasting your time you will not lose any weight with that product. I did a lot of research there is a lot of junk out there.

Logan Norman says:

Can you just drink the ACV without the honey and the lemon?

First Lady says:

So how long have you been taking the ACV all together ?

TaWanda Jones says:

How much acv should I be drinking with the garcinia pills?

Isabella Eneri says:

Is the Nature's Bounty Garcinia Cambogia any good??? Also do you have to take this every time you eat.

Liezel Manabat says:

Please where you get your garcinia cambogia?

Liezel Manabat says:

I drink my ACV with the citrus Juice. And it's not taste bad.

Liezel Manabat says:

I buy my acv from Walmart store is in Asian food,Please I need your help where you get your garcinia Cambodia? Can you give the link please? ?I order garcinia Cam. From amason but it's doesn't work at all. I already taking 5days. It's just make me eat a lot and starving.

Keyana Travick says:

Question! Can I take the GC & ACV before bedtime? Because I usually drink my ACV by itself before bed!

hector perez says:

thank you I just but the product yesterday but I'm going to try it with the ACV. thank you so much

hector perez says:

where can I buy the ACV.? please let me know

texas1852 says:

You must take Garcenia and ACV 3 times a day to fight hunger – it also gives energy

texas1852 says:

I love your dark curly hair – beautiful!!

ølive says:

could you do an update for the flat belly tea?

Brittney Richardson says:

hey so its been almost 1 month ….ive only lost like 7 lbs …i need help thought i wud have lost more wat shud i do ?

Shakira J says:

so how much weight have you.lost all together

msdee680 says:

I need to know the wash out system…

Abi Brima says:

Can you please drop the link to where you buy your Garcina Cambodia.

Cari G says:

You give me so much life girl lol. I love your accent !!


If I am craving for KFC or pizza what I do I eat and cheat twice a week I eat fully but never gain singal calorie how before my meal of KFC 1 houre I drink psyllium husk if you drink 2 teaspoon of psyllium husk add into 1 glass of water with in 5 sec to have to drink that if you drink latter it will turn into jewelly form if you drink it the jelly form settle into your intestine when you eat you well never get calories and everything get out off. But one thing always remember you can't use this husk more than 2 in a week because when you use more it will stop working some time it will lead you to gain weight so if you use 2 time a week you can enjoy every meal I drink it twice a but never gain single calories and reducing on daily bases


I replace my normal and cold water into hot water through which my fat start dissolve I drink 8 glass of hot water in a day after 2 week I realise it works

Jahsintha Carmichael says:

looking great and loving the hair color


Which I tried and it's work now I wait is 40 and half inch and weight is 74 kg


hi ! how are you I have 2 tips for weight loss

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