Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss || Week Four Progression

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Hey everyone! This will be the fourth video I post on this 6 month journey! Videos will be uploaded weekly on Sunday evenings!

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Week four went well! Excited for week five! Please comment tips, and things that worked for you as I am open to all suggestions! Thanks! ~ Nakanai


Vanilla Whispers says:

So You only drink one bottle a day? Why i am seeing people say take the ACV every time you have a meal? Im starting my journey on tuesday !!

Lindsay Marie says:

I think it's crazy that you weigh over 200 pounds. I know everyone's different but I think I'm bigger than you and I weigh around 145 I'm also really really short. But still, congratulations keep it up ??????

Brandon's weight loss journey! says:

congrats on your weight loss! let's do this together on our weight loss! I just subcribed!

Meagan Changes says:

Congratulations on your 2 pound loss! That's awesome!!

Trisha J says:

I lost like 2.5 last week too! Awesome ?

Khanallie milo says:

that 20 seconds of fuckery made my night

Desinee Wilson says:

I've been slacking smh but I am going to start over .. starting today so hopefully I continue and push through… yay for 2 pounds lighter go girl

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