Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss || BIRTHDAY GOAL PROGRESSION

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Hey everyone! This will be my first video I post on this 6 month journey! Videos will be uploaded weekly on Sunday evenings! I have gained too much weight over the last couple of years and I decided to lose it all this year! Please comment tips, and things that worked for you as I am open to all suggestions! Thanks! ~ Nakanai

The original video that inspired this method ↓↓↓↓↓↓


Trelona W says:

Im doing the same! My 21st bday is in October. Im starting today In May working out 5 days out of the week. Lets Get it!

Adriana Rivera says:

does this really works? I'm thinking of trying it …

ksartbaeva says:

yay! go broncos!!!! superbowl 50 champs! you look great!! i am trying to shed few pounds myself

Alisha Joyner says:

if you really want to lose weight go vegetarian for a couple weeks I am full vegetarian I lost a lot of weight bread is the enemy and diary eat a lot of broccoli and fatty foods fiber rich foods are really good cutting out red meat and pork is good. I hope you the best of luck.

Alisha Joyner says:

try honey and cinnamon diet drink it works way better than Apple cider vinegar.

Morgan Gentry says:

The exact same thing happened to me after highschool, and to think i still wasn't completely happy with myself in highschool.

Chereise Quintana says:

Noticed your Broncos hoodie! I live in Denver and I turn 21 in June! I wish I would've found this video in January so I would have time to lose weight before my birthday! That was the goal :/ I'm hoping to start this today!

tew04d says:

Anyone know The name of the song?

Trinity James says:

Ok so is it just belly fat ?

Nu Nu Orleans says:

I hate when ppl do day attempt videos its not worth watching.Β  Do a day 1 then come back on day 10

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