APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WAGER REMATCH !! – Madden 16 PS4 Gameplay ft. @FlammyMarciano

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Madden 16 Head to Head Gameplay by @iMAV3RIQ
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Nathan Lopez Eazy says:

Stop going cover 2 juice that's why flam beating u down field

Isaack Valdez says:

You guys know DBZ

Noodlecup 123 says:

If my dad saw flam he would tell me not to be like him

Jen Chester says:

I prabAbly love it more

Cookie boy Jr. says:

this was on my birthday November 17

Kyron Harris says:

you were the same clothes in the last video

gian gutierrez says:

This niga always wearing sweaters lol

Qinsey Gaming says:

Flam where's hoodies to cover his tits

keith bamo says:

Niaga juice

Jay Reynolds says:

Trent vs flam

Chavella Fike says:

you have to pass it to the guy in the red

Chavella Fike says:

you have to pass it to the guy in the red

Ebrima Conteh says:

How are you related to flam

Michael Carter says:

Juice is really bad at madden

Jim Garrity says:

So hard being a team juice haha but then again I'm an Eagles and SIXERS and phillies fan so I'm kinda used to being killed or seeing a team choke haha LOve the videos MAV u guys are all awesome

Isaiah Gorrell says:

Juice look like the dude from recess. The one that plays basketball.

XxYoungWolfxX says:

Their overall is a 95

XxYoungWolfxX says:

The panthers have the highest overall in madden and it actually matters

King Sniper 75071 says:

Do more 2k vids

Bk LinDz says:

Idk how juice doesn't throw haymakers at Flem lol

Big Man10 says:

This channel is the greatest thanks for the videos mav!!

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