Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse On Natural Hair (Shine + Moisture) ALL HAIR TYPES

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Hey Guys! So ACV is great for not only clarifying the hair of everything thats in it but also for shine and moisture! I love this rinse so much I’ve been doing it since the start of my natural hair journey!

▼What I use to do my scalp massages
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Randa Mcgahee says:

You have some gorgeous hair

Foje Pearl says:

hello sorry..just wish to know is ACV is good for 9 months baby's hair?

BeautifulyBlessedone says:

where you get your sheets set from Love it

Kariyma Price says:

how often do you AVC rinse? would you suggest a AVC rinse and deep condition weekly?

Alberta Reid says:

Girl, your hair are soooo pretty

Mildred Figueroa says:

What product use after the vinagre?

Mildred Figueroa says:

What more is good the vinagre?i can use before condition?

Danielle Kase says:

Do you know if the scalp massager would also work for caucasian hair?

Regina Crystal Cordoba says:

New subbie! Just finished doing that ACV rinse for my psoriasis. Don't love the smell but the results are worth it.

BEAU246868 says:

hey shauntay I wanted use the apple cider vinegarr rinsr right before I do my semi-permanent dye is it safe or should I use a clarifying shampoo

Shameka McGhee says:

how long can you keep acv rinse for storage?

fret fire says:

Did you use straight aloe Vera juice or diluted?

Tanasa Porter says:

How much acv did you add to the water? Or does it not matter how much you put into the bottle with the water?

tamurha veillard says:

Do you recommend leaving the acv & deep conditioner in over night?

rholanda tucker says:

So do you use this and not shampoo and then followed by conditioner

BellaCinderella says:

What's the name of the song sounds amazing. Great video

Christly Borno says:

I just tried this rinse and omg instantly my curls were poppingggg ❤

Kyla M says:

I've done the ACV rinse before and my hair felt extremely soft

Paula West says:

Miracle cure

Shaahazadee Khaaliq says:

Looks good! I'm doing the water only washing hair thing too. Been doing it for nine days now and I've added nothing to my hair I love it. No more aloe vera juice in your hair. Just remember, you can't complain that it doesn't work if you're not going to do it correctly.

Letsheia hanson says:

I CNT see the first part of the video. do I use any brand apple cider?

Vanessa Bastien says:

Did you apply the appleside before you wash your hair or after please answer

Adrienne Singleton says:

Which ACV did you use?

a w says:

Can you put this on texlax hair ?

JustLikeeRenee says:

Heeey guys , small youtuber here 💁🏽 any one wants to support each other ? SUB FOR SUB?

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