Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse on Natural Hair | How I Naturally Clarify My Hair

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Here I show you how I naturally clarify my hair using Apple Cider Vinegar… YES Apple Cider Vinegar. There are many benefits to using ACV as an shampoo alternative; balancing hair/scalp pH, less shedding, shiny and stronger hair, and it’s a Natural Detangler.

Extra tips:
– ITS STINKS!!!! THERES NO GETTING AROUND THAT! (Don’t worry the smell won’t stick around in your hair once its rinsed good)
– ACV is very potent and acidic
– The mixture I used may not be right for everyone. Using equal parts water and ACV should be fine but if your experiencing dryness then you may want to add more water than ACV
– Only do this occasionally (like one a month)


See what I did next to hair using Curlformers/Magic Leverage curlers:

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KettiexD says:

Does this replace shampoo?

Oyin Toluhi says:

Yhis was really helpful. I never really knee how to use acv so i didn’t
bother. I think i will try it now though

Bonnie Adams says:

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