Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse | Natural Hair – Nia Imani

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Products Mentioned

Apple Cider Vinegar

The Mane Choice Sweet Almond Oil

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Pro Hooper says:

Do you have to shampoo first ?

GEM says:

Gorgeous hair

Ayaka Zhanè says:

Could you do a pre-poo then ACV rinse?

Sunshine Hernandez says:

Can I do this on a straightener day?

SMH says:

I found my (same size as yours) spray bottle at WalMart for .88 cents

maria coor says:

that was really helpful thanks girl!

Nisha W says:

Wow girl! I love your hair!!!

Alaysha Vivinne says:

After you do your Acv rise what do you do with the Apple cider vinegar spray bottle do you put in the fridge or just leave it out because I did it for the first time and I put in the freezer and took it out

iBOMBdotcom says:

Beautiful hair! 😍

Naomi Awoyera says:

Do you shampoo then avc rinse then conditioner?

Melanie M says:

Hey I'd like to know if you can deep condition after doing the acv rinse

Shahid Khan says:

Can we use it every single day? When you wash your hair after applying apple cider?

GGs Handsomeboy says:

I love your skin tone and hair. I immediately thought of my cousins when we were kids. My uncle had that sexy dark chocolate fudge skin tone with the most beautiful wavy hair. Seeing you and your hair brought back beautiful memories of my family. Keep up the great work and I'll try the ACV rinse this Friday. Yea!

Loveglam says:

your hair is beautiful !!

queque10101 says:

Why can't you scratch?

Cleopatra Passley says:

Hey, should I use ACV after I've washed my hair ? I tried it just as a rinse but my hair still had a lot of build up so I'm wondering if it should be done like on semi-clean hair ?

Someone Important says:

The one or twice a month recommendation was helpful. Thanks be to you for that.

K Herman says:

you're beautiful! beautiful hair 😍. I will be doing this from now on. thanks!

Kai Haywood says:

warning acv/ apple cider vinegar spells really bad

chloe thompson says:

should your hair be wet or shampooed before you do acv rinse?

Handsome Panda says:

After you applied ACV is it required to wash it again with shampoo?

Unpopular Views says:

You can get Apple cider vinegar for less than $3 on thrive market

Shaneil Wright says:

Hello, your hair is gorgeous 😊.

Arianna Jones says:

i tried this and the smell was horrid but the outcome was great

Janyiah Grooms says:

What co wash did you do??

Coralie Morris says:

is the apple sidergrow hair my hair is natural reply please
nice video

Tracy KaPoni says:


Anna says:

Thanks for the video. You have beautiful hair!

Barbie G says:

U have beautiful hair sweetie

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