Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse For Shiny and Detoxified Hair

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This video is not sponsored. All the products shown are mine and I use them as per my personal preference.





Khushi Fatma says:

I want my hair like what I do Mam?

Khushi Fatma says:

Hay mam i like you hair so much…

Ani N says:

very informative 🙂 have bought apple cider vinegar with mother…can i use it on hair or i have to buy the unflavoured one..thanks

shiva jyothi says:

aftr applying ACV do we need to take shampoo bath

jijnasa jagruti says:

Do we need shampooing hair after this treatment? And and and your hair is really awesome.?

priya pathak says:

Wow u have extremely beautiful hair

Anjali H says:

how to get shiny hair without getting greasy????? pls advice

Cheri Gibson Trujillo says:

+Sushmita's Diaries You have ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Hair, and I would Hate to see you cut it!! I have a question for you…Does your neck ever get sore from all the weight of your hair? I would think so because it's Soo thick and SOO long, Especially when it's wet it has to be heavy! I bet that it takes all day to dry as well, right? Well you are doing a FANTASTIC job of keeping it healthy and I know that it is a BIG job taking care of that much hair! Nice Job! I LOVED your video. Thanks for all the tips! KEEP SMILING- Stay Beautiful Inside and Out- <3

Maisha Rahman says:

how should we use it after heavy oil massage?

Kulsum Mehreen says:

can we apply this spray on oily hairs

thtktgrl says:

Is it ok to use just apple cider vinegar on your hair, with no water to dilute it?

Kuriyez Islam says:

hi sushmita, after I applied the onion Juice, do I apply the Apple cider vinegar then before I wash my hair?

Rachana Zangda says:

You have beautiful hair!

Saksha Mahajan says:

does acv suit dry hair?

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