Apple Cider Vinegar Psoriasis

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Psoriasis treated with apple cider vinegar.

For short-term treatment of scaling and itching, you can use one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added in some lukewarm water. Apply it on the affected area, massage it and leave it for one to two minutes. It aids in rebalancing our pH factor. While there is not much evidence to support apple cider vinegar to treat psoriasis, but there are examples of people sharing their experience.


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Barbara Henderson says:

My husband’s redness as well as flaking under and also around his eyes and nose were almost eliminated right after a couple of days of applying this psoriasis treatment solution “wuno great plan” (Google it). Right after five days it was totally gone. In order to avoid it from returning, he still applies the treatment solution one or two times everyday.

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Danny Ignacio says:

everything I read about a cure I just say there goes another idea that hope somebody will try it and swear by it but my cure or regimen was plain as day under our noses and works I'm more impressed that it really cleared it.

Danny Ignacio says:

everybody have an idea of the cure for psoriasis I have it on both legs for 15 years I went to psoriasis trials thinking they can cure I was under the care of Beverly Hills Doctor but still still no cure till one day by accident I was able to cure it on my own both psoriasis on my legs are gone dried up no lumps or scales like before they called me for another psoriasis study trial and I told them I don't have it no more there are marks but it's now smooth and no lesions just by accident .but like I said there is a cure cause I did it on my own and I know no one will believe me .I hope they do a study on why this regimen why it works .

Psoriasis Treatment says:


sam eckert says:

No matter what the type or severity of your psoriasis, it’s clear that living with the condition can be a challenge.

kailey evans says:

Our Patient Navigators can answer your questions about phototherapy, including understanding potential side effects and helping to decide if the treatment is right for you.

isabella arce says:

New oral treatments improve symptoms of psoriatic disease by inhibiting
specific molecules associated with inflammation. Unlike biologics, which
are derived from living sources and must be administered via injection
or infusion, these treatments can be effectively delivered as tablets
taken by mouth.

jamie tapia says:

Massage: It can ease stress, too. Let your masseuse know ahead of time about your psoriasis, or find one who has experience working with the condition.It makes sense to be both optimistic and skeptical when it comes to alternative treatments for psoriasis. Keep your doctor in the loop about any remedies you try.

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