Apple Cider Vinegar Mucus Clearing – Fat Burning – Morning Elixir – Drew Canole

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Hey friend, wanted to shoot you this quick video this am. This is one of my favorite drinks to have in the AM. Before my Organifi – it is now part of my morning ritual. If you love 80’s music you are going to love this video.

I’m rocking out! With you.

Recipe is simple

1 Teaspoon of ACV – Apple Cider
1/2 lemon juiced

In 12 ounces of water and PRESTO!

Drink this while doing the at home spa treatment I show ya.

As always remember, we’re in this together



FitLifeTV says:

Hey friend, wanted to shoot you this quick video this am. This is one of my
favorite drinks to have in the AM. Before my Organifi – it is now part of
my morning ritual. If you love 80’s music you are going to love this video.

I’m rocking out! With you.

Recipe is simple

1 Teaspoon of ACV – Apple Cider
1/2 lemon juiced

In 12 ounces of water and PRESTO!

Drink this while doing the at home spa treatment I show ya.

As always remember, we’re in this together


Synchronicitizen says:

Drew! I froze frame on the inside of that refrigerator door dude! Please do
a video that gives a breakdown of all of the various dropper bottles that
you have in there.–and even more importantly, why they are included. I,
personally, would find that to be fascinating. Heck, do the entire fridge.
Don’t pretty it up. Do it “as is”. Just an idea that I think would be both
fun and informative. Thanks, Teri C.

Stacey Price says:

Great video I’m having lots of sinus issues can I take this every morning?

Monika Kovacs says:

+Drew Canole I loved this one too. I do the tea tree oil before bed in
Epsom bath. SO soothing. Why do you say not to drink ACV straight? I do
LOL Just to save my teeth, and I always drink my water after. Na M

Justin Corley says:

You can not play that music on the video. 

ArcticTaco says:

lol do more of these vlog type vids

Melissa Ann says:

Shake up that Bragg’s before you pour it — all the good stuff is at the
bottom! I love ’80s music too!

Adelle Ramcharan says:

that song <333

Gregory Wells says:

Hey Drew, not sure if you reply on here, what kind of camera do you use ?
and how much did you buy it for? thinking of starting my own online video
stream. Thanks

Mike Smith says:

You forgot organic maple syrup and cayenne pepper 

Kia Pinappuru says:

I am not keeping my ACV in the refrigerator…should I?

KeizeShow says:

Haha. There’s a guy at the gym that ALWAYS makes those annoying ass sounds
like he’s constantly hocking a loogie. Even when he’s running on a
treadmill. And yes… Loud enough to ‘set off car alarms’. That shit is
disturbing & pointless,

lisasa smyth says:

Lol that’s funny I’m that person but I can’t stand to do the acv bc it’s so
strong in smell and taste but it does work. I’m gonna have to get back to
it bc my hubby can’t stand when I make that sound. Thanks Drew as always
great information have a blessed day!

ultimaetsolder says:

What is the peppermint stuff called and where can you buy it? Thanks.

Immaculate1 says:

Awesome, as always. This video made me smile (the 80’s singing 🙂 ) Thanks
for all your posts!

Sustainable135 says:

Thanks for sharing! Nifty tip about the anti-aging properties of music
from your childhood. And I know lemon+vinegar is fantastic for the body…
but man my teeth were shuddering just watching you drink it… Good stuff,

Matthew Lahman says:

Great idea with the apple cider vinegar but it’s important to point out
that all mucus comes from dead rotting flesh and puss dairy in the gut,
which gets transported and deposited in the lymphatic system. This is the
set up for all disease and degeneration. The reason you have an aversion to
sugar is because you are still eating the dead flesh. Once you give that
up, your body will go into full regeneration mode, properly utilizing the
sugar, which is stored up photon energy.

Hanging onto the past just distracts you from the future. The only way to
have a bright future, which consumes your attention, focus and heart is
faith in Christ and following the Holy Spirit. Then you have a permanent
joy, not situational happiness. And no need to look at the past except to
give thanks to The Lord for forgiveness, grace and mercy, and for making us
new in Gods light, through the washing and regeneration of the Holy Spirit.
Which means applying and accepting truth, coming away from lies.

Chris Rambo says:

What is the name of the song? Sounds pretty cool but I am not that old…;)

GrandaddyCrunk says:

Drew, I’d recommend drinking that with a straw. The acidity can really
damage your tooth enamel if you drink that consistently.

Stacey Price says:

I have a question I don’t have braggs can I use another brand until I get


awesome..thanks…I needed this…

Finn Blu says:

And that noise you mention:

Try any gym’s men’s shower area in the am
Already a funk zone, with horrid sights, smells and sounds, that makes one
wonder how some stay married, but throw in 5 or 10 dudes experiencing
predator muscus trama …
And you have a..




venusiandesigns says:

You’re so cute. Enjoy watching you videos because I learn new things every
time, like now with the vinegar and lemon, I’m trying to stop smoking and I
think this will help me clear my lungs. Thank you. Wanted to let you know
that I watch the previous video and that I’m proud of you because you did
not let your self go because of the abuse you faced in your childhood. Keep
up with you great work.

Rui G says:

More videos like this wud be cool!

Cris Triju says:

Morning Drew, hahaa, I love the 80’s too, I still listen to that music on
and on… Regarding that thing in the morning… I’ve got a neighbour who
does that 24/7, Annoying!!! Well, Have a nice day, I didn´t even notice
that you put on weight.. you look absolutely fine!! :-)

babool1979 says:

Great vid man love your vibe.:)))

SLR Gaming says:

3:10 Rush Hour 2 Music haha

Archangel Michael says:

Nice video, Drew. You say you put on 20 lbs, but you’re looking healthy. If
I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve put on a good bit of muscle mass
during this time. You look more muscular. Have you been lifting weights?

Lilacrose10 says:

Wow Drew you look great! I’ll be watchin’ you!! Thanks for the tip, I
usually drink just a shot of water with a cap full of Apple cider vinegar
but i think I’ll try it with the lemon now.

jaggia2884 says:

@drewcanole +FitLifeTV why dont drink it straight? I always have a tsp
of apple cider vinegar on empty stomach followed by a liter of water, isn’t
that ok? x

Louise Companion says:

Shared. I love #BraggsAppleCiderVinegar
#Eucalyptus #Peppermint #Lavender
I drink the vinegar straight.
Good job!

leeza2706 says:

Hey Drew, could you please do more of these vlog style videos :-)) Super
inspiring! Getting out my apple cider vinegar tomorrow morning! 

lovely9161 says:

I drink my vinegar in the morning too but with a little dark local honey.
Peppermint oil and tea tree oil (kills bacteria so its great for first aid,
cures almost any skin issue) are the best to have on hand. I love steaming
with peppermint and sometimes eucalyptus in there too and do conscious
breathing. Sending love to you Drew Canole! <3

luckystarr23 says:

Omg… I love your energy in this video. You are so positive and yes we all
need to make time for ourselves, even if it’s just 30mins in the morning to
start our day… Love your good vibes… Thanks for making this video love
it….. I needed this today…. 

Leah Rossi says:

Pat Benatar – We belong… I love her and her musics, as well 80′ musics.
Great advice. 

Vivek R says:

hey drew, can you please make a video about ‘veg/fruit juicing for
bodybuilders’. i drink lot of veg juice but have a tough time putting
muscle. plz help! – ur big fan 

robert m. says:

do more vlogs like these!!

icedchai1 says:

You’re pretty awesome! 

Kathy Singletary says:

You just saved my marriage lol! I will be adopting this regimen in my
household. I wake up with this itchy inner ear/mucus thing going on and it
not only drives me crazy but drives my almost 2 years married husband
crazy. Thank you.

Jase Tundra says:

Drew great videos man. Would love to hear you to talk more about your
workouts and intermittent fasting in the future you’re got a wicked
physique and probably have great insight to lifting.

1412DD says:

you ARE PERFECT! even after just rolling out of bed. dayyyyuuummmmnn. bless
your inner beauty Drew!

peter victorian says:

QUICK TIP DREW. When using the apple cider vinegar, shake it up because all
of the nutrients are at the bottom. I Think it’s called the mother.

kasieku says:

I loved this Drew! So raw!! Love it love it love it! I would love to see
more videos like this from you. God bless you!

David Paez says:

I do the exact same tea with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2tablespoons of lime
juice, 2tablespoobs of honey, and a dash of cinnamon.

Free as a Bird says:

Another way to reduce or even get rid of mucus build up is getting rid of
dairy, I released once I gave up dairy my mucus build up stopped 🙂 

Biosphericman 1 says:

Hahaha Neti Pots are great too! Braggs Raw Apple Cider is excellent or by
@ local farmers market of allotments

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