Apple cider vinegar is good for alot of ailments…and a whole lot more 1-13-2015 | Organic Slant

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These days, apple cider vinegar can be found as a staple in millions of household kitchens worldwide. There are so many unknown uses for this powerful cleansing and healing agent!
Most people don’t know how wonderful apple cider vinegar is. Apple cider vinegar can do everything from relieving muscle pain from exercise, balancing pH levels, soothing sore throats, and normalizing weight and helping to maintain levels of cholesterol already in the normal range. Externally, it is effective in supporting healthy skin and hair.
It’s so easy to incorporate vinegar into your daily diet. When you wake up in the morning just make a delicious cocktail using 2 teaspoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar, and if you need a sweetener, use organic honey, 100% maple syrup, or molasses to taste. If you are diabetic, use the sweet substitute stevia. This “Bragg Healthy Cocktail” is designed to flush out wastes that are clogging the organs of elimination, the bowels, lungs, skin, and the kidneys. Take it at least twice a day, and you will start to see changes like increased energy, soft skin, and decreased muscle and joint aches from exercise.
Make sure you use raw, organic vinegar, never dead, distilled vinegar because the natural enzymes, minerals, and nutrients are destroyed in the distilling process. Any vinegar that is clear and has no “mother” (the strand-like substance in the bottom of the bottle) has no nutritional value.


Fenton Bevan says:

Raw organic ACV is awesome stuff. The NHS UK know nothing of it. Says it
all really, they are just pharma monkeys. Its such a shame. The damage they
cause to diabetics with their meds is almost assisted suicide and they just
mock ACV.

Robby Giangregorio says:

good video

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