Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits : How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar

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Take apple cider vinegar by mixing 2 tablespoons of the vinegar with 8 ounces of water or by mixing apple cider vinegar with olive oil to make salad dressing. Consider taking apple cider vinegar tablets if the taste of drinking a mixture is unpleasant. Learn more about ingesting apple cider vinegar with information from a holistic chiropractor provided in this free video on apple cider vinegar.

Expert: Dr. Kim Makoi
Bio: Dr. Kim Makoi has been a chiropractor in San Francisco for more than 11 years. He is also an addiction specialist.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee


bigwalt2990 says:


strebis6 says:

I have a video to prove how low the PH is in apple cider vinegar. It is
good for us but you must mix it with water and after drinking it you should
rinse out your mouth.

Richard Karg says:

**meds, not mess…..damn auto correct

spatzk says:

you never said about the health benefits!

jdenoyon says:

@xXGaticaXx It’s actually “Bragg’s.”


@cassiesalinas Was she from Vermont ?

alia12341 says:

I was takeing applecider vinegre for about 2 or 3 week and the upper part
of my stomach got very up set it stared on my left upper side and now its
al my upper side the pain comes and goes I get very gassy and have to go
could the applecider have something to do with it I dont take it no more
but my stomach still hurts

glowingdarkmatter25 says:

Apple Cider doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would.

SincereDoper says:

pretty much every doctor will agree that there are health benefits from
drinking apple cider vinegar and even if they couldn’t say why(they say it
helps and can explain why but i wont get into that, would take too long)
there are too many people who have had great results from it to ignore. eat
healthy and organic as you can, and if you have digestion problems or just
want to take something healthy, also take ACV. the acid in ACV is nowhere
near what the stomach is capable of handling.

Marian G.C says:

Always dilute in water and sweetened with raw honey … The ph of apple
cider vinegar is really high ,be careful

Gatica says:

@markuscc Ah, oops, thanks. 🙂

Gman718 says:

I have to say that ACV works! I must admit that it is NASTY! I mix two
tablespoons with water and a packet of stevia and I drink it fast and rinse
my mouth out quick. I just got back from the doctors office and my blood
pressure went down from 150/95 to 120/80 after 3 weeks of drinking the ACV.

markuscc says:

@xXGaticaXx It’s actually called Braggs not Broggs.

handymanbananas says:

DO NOT INGEST VINEGAR. Vinegar is watered down acetic acid- a poison! Would
you ingest bleach if it was watered down? Any health “benefits” presumed by
ingesting vinegar are reactions against poison. Vinegar is very harmful and
damaging to the body. DROP THE HYPE! EAT FRUIT!

Sarah Wilson says:

This was soo helpful! Acid reflux is horrible. I don’t like the taste of
the vinegar or water so I’m going to try the capsules.

GiacomoKnox says:

ACV CURED my acid reflux, after two months of taking Prilosec. Take that,
Big Pharma! $95 per month vs. $2.10 (one purchase) at Trader Joes!

mattandange says:

Burns more than whisky without the water. You feel your body cheer every
time you take it in.

razorsharpone says:

perhaps a stupid question, but do I have to drink some kind of special acv
or just the one I can buy in any store?? please click on reply button for
ansvers, tnx

MsSexyDebbie says:

DO NOT brush you teeth after using OACV

anikadiamond007 says:

That’s wonderful!

tnguyen753 says:

Oh no, I never wrote this comment nor have seen this video. Someone must
had access to my account. Apologize for “my” previous statement made.

GiacomoKnox says:

@diezelish I wouldn’t add it to lemon water. That much acid can’t be good.
The perfect mix is water, honey, and 1 tblspoon of OACV. In answer to
ruining your teeth – if you drink it straight without a chaser, most
definitely. You have to drink about 8 oz of water immediately afterward,
and swish the water around your mouth to rise the OACV down.

richmanpoman1 says:

Why would a 138 lb person need to lose weight? Maybe you got a tummy ache
b/c it’s all you are ingesting?

MsSexyDebbie says:

it will damage you tooth enemal “the outside layer of your teeth

GoodVibrationsHealth says:

Great advice. I sell both the pill form and the liquid form of apple cider


@milkweed93 yes i have probs with my acid, ive heard this will cure it

MsSexyDebbie says:

i agree with giacomoknox just use water

Richard Karg says:

I take mess for GERD. Will Apple cider vinegar help me come off the meds?

Aisha M says:

What if you mix it with other liquids? Apple juice? White grapefruit juice?

jennyhuls says:

vinegar is made from fruit….

Lulu4Him says:

Kombucha is just as good as apple cider vinegar

Red Vynil says:

@FiReTHorN84 Skinny is one thing, but to be a stick with tits is NOT very
appealing or sexy!! VERY few, if ANY, guys want a girl with no meat on her
bones!! When they hold you, they want to feel YOU, NOT your skeleton!! Try
sleeping with a mannequin if you want to know what it’s like.


Mix with 1 teaspoon organic honey,for added benifits and better taste.

Valerian1 says:

great. but what else did she eat… more importantly, what did she NOT eat?

msnnbc says:

Well I hope this woman isn’t dumb enough to change her body for some
pervert’s attention.

Shegowiththefro says:

Thats all very good….but why should I drink ACV?

jukijunk says:

It wont cure but it will help. Acne is a sign that your body is very acidic
and is trying to get rid of toxins from your body. The best way would be to
change your diet and start eating better. Vinegar helps by bringing back
your bodies ph level down from the foods people eat like meat, dairy,
sugar, soda, processes foods, etc. All known to be very highly acidic.

diornotwar123 says:

but doesn’t it ruin your teeth after a while

ECMIM says:

I’d suggest mixing w/ water: the ph of vinegar is very low (thus acidic)
and, over time, it’ll eat the enamel right off your teeth.

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