Apple Cider Vinegar Green Tea△夏日健康飲品 | ItsJessicaW

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⏀Ingredients Mentioned + Health Benefits
⌲Water (710ml)

⌲ Green Tea (1TB)

⌲ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (1Table Spoon)

⌲ Pure Honey (1/2 Table Spoon)

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TWENTYNINE pui says:

沖果杯茶都講咁多個steps 明明就只係一個茶包~_~

Vincee YU says:


LaiYi says:

個Starbucks 位係邊到買?

Janet Cheung says:

Can u do some summer healthy snacks cooking / baking videos ? 😘

Danaé Chan says:

Hi jessss♡

Ad Blocker says:


Carol L says:

First view!!!!!好激動

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