Apple Cider Vinegar | Garcinia Cambogia ( Weight Lost Update)

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Trying a new method with the apple cider and the garcinia

link to Apple Cider Vinegar:

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Kaylee Cameron says:

Do you mix the cambogia in the drink or swallow? Also do you have to put lemon in the drink ?

Anonda Williams says:

What brand of garcinia did you use?

Krystel Spicer says:

(Couple of tbs vinegar each time in warm water).

Krystel Spicer says:

SCREAMS!!! IT WORKS!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! wiggles it 🙂. Fk YEAH!!!!

Babalola Adedolapo Halimat says:

Does the Apple cider vinegar have to be this type or any type is okay?

Emma Hill Cardenas says:

I just bought some of those pills but the bottle doesn't look like that one.. is there different kinds?? I absolutely love apple cider vinegar. I do go to the gym a few times a week and I do eat fast food here and there but mostly I eat healthy at home thru out the week.

Chubby Bunny says:

how much of the apple cider do you drink ,a small cup ?

Melody Rodriguez says:

I love your energy! Very inspiring! 🙂 I'm actually trying this now. I'm using the Apple cider by BRAGG with a whole lemon and a tiny drizzle of honey, PLUS the Garcinia Cambogia. I'm putting cayenne in my food because I love spicy anyhow!

Ricki-jean Honetana says:

does this seriously work and how is it done in short details.

Emily Jackson says:

Hi. Can you use any Garcinia?.

Johannah Villafuerte says:

I'm sorry I'm pretty lost. I got the extreme version of garcina. Is the process still the same? I mean I haven't started it yet but the part I'm also lost at. How many times a day and do I take it after or before I eat? and how many should I take everyday?

JoAnne Hall says:

What if you dont take it before your meals?.like if you forgot it and already ate one morning

eloy h says:

how much wait did you loss

winfridah miti says:

loooove this!!! so did you exercise too? cause my schedule is so hectic the only exercise is run to lectures ?? I wanna buy it asap! but I hope it doesn't make me gain a ton of weight if I stop for a while

Star dust says:

yoooooo u fine as hell damn bless girl

beautifulin everyway says:

You sound like lil Kim

sherry marks says:

Hi can you please answer my comment thanks

sherry marks says:

Hi great job I started yesterday but do you exercise? And does your stomach stay normal I having constipation did you? Please let me know I like to lose 40 pounds how long did it take you to lose 37 pounds thank you ? for answering my questions

Lulu Reyes says:

how many times do u take it tho just in the morning??

elladoll003 says:

That accent tho ????

MrGorf64 says:

Girl… love MissMadam x

Liz Coskun says:

Thank you girl,I've heard people loss weight very fast but haven't try….thank you for sharing

Ayan R says:

Can you just take it in the morning only ? I don't want to use it at night

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