Apple Cider Vinegar for age spots – Amazing remedy

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For removing age spots, don’t dilute ACV. Apply ACV directly on the spots. Be careful to limit the application to the spot only. You may feel the sting.


Alien 51 says:

store it in your toilet………. even if you never apply it………..

M Pern says:

? Store it IN the toilet????? are you SERIOUS???? That's crazy!!!!!

Dalila Cunha says:

How do you dilute the ACV….with water? And what's the amount used of ACV and water?

Dalila Cunha says:

Store in your toilet? That must be an error.

Beth Bartlett says:

This clip needs production editing –

Sherri Grant says:

After making the astringent, it said to "store it in the toilet", surely not…

Gillian Le Tissier says:

Great, simple direct info

Wendy Gagnon says:

don't use apple cider vinegar on face even diluted it will eat your skin.

rapingpeterpan says:

Hard to follow video. Too fast to read. Have to pause continually. And then there is too much reading. More helpful in bullet point form….just saying.

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