Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux

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A short video about using Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux problems.


Azmi Mohamad says:

I will try it as I got a acid reflux.

Gregory JR says:

Im going to try this to see if it works for me im tried of having this
problem im so OVER IT….


ACV has transformed my life beyond belief.. Alongside curing my chronic
acid reflux, it’s cured my osteoarthritis of 35 years!!

Kristen Campos says:

natural remedies are always the winner. Get them here goo.glWUrYy1


This story is about me!!
It’s cheap, but more to the point, IT WORKS!!

theguym says:

Is it ok if it’s taken on an empty stomach (when dilluted in water)?

jet li says:

i think it works coz i feel better but beware i’ve read an article that it
easily destroys/depreciate your teeth. anyway you can have false teeth but
cant have false esophagus =))

taraleshay26 says:

finally someone gives information that you don’t have to pay for.thank you!

ljbumann says:

thank you for the post

boomboxlove8 says:

It works so fast for you acid reflux =). I’m so happy to have started using
it. Make sure you buy ORGANIC only… it neutralizes the ph balance in your
body making it less acidic!!! farewell pills!

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