Apple Cider Vinegar Drink | Recipe

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Let me show you how to make this ACV Drink! This video is all about apple cider vinegar and how to incorporate it into a yummy and healthy drink. There are WAY too many benefits of incorporating ACV into your diet that its impossible to list them in this video. I will list some of the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar below.

Apple Cider Vinegar can help with:
– Heartburn and Acid Reflux
-Promote Healthy Blood Sugar
-Can Aid in Healthy Weight Loss
-Has Antioxidant Properties
-Improves Nutrient Absorption
-Can kill many types of bacteria
-Lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease
-Can help clear skin
-It will help your body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level
-Improves heart health
-Promotes healthy detoxification of the liver and other organs
– Eliminates candida overgrowth
-Eases digestive ailments
-Can help to prevent osteoporosis
-Assists In the fight against free radical damage

If you are looking for more apple cider vinegar drinks, check out Kim July. She has multiple videos about apple cider vinegar and how to make it taste better.

Gear used: canon 1DX Mark II

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Curious Mermaid says:

I LOVE ACV. . Not only is it great for inside the body but for skin care too! Thanks for the tips on this drink , post baby I cannot wait to try it . I use it to get rid of heartburn while pregnant … I call it the magic liquid haha … good for EVERYTHING !! Also for maple syrup , try grade b instead of a .. it's not as sweet but so much better for you ??? ok last thing …. your video quality and editing ….. AMAZING ! These are editing goals for sure ! ????

Domenico Manno says:

Been looking for an easy way to drink this stuff. Going to buy cinnamon and maple syrup tomorrow. Thanks Brooke.

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