Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Warts

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Child with warts cured by ACV


boostspike says:

I heard the chlorine in a pool also works for getting rid of warts. Maybe
have her visit a local pool a few times a week. Best of luck. 

wickham dogz says:

I been drinking apple cider 3 x a day 2 Tbs. for a month now and I had this
wart for about 15 years and its almost gone.Apple cider is kill it from in
side.I feel the nerve to the wart and I’ve never felt that before.I’m very
happy with results.

Lorene Lachut says:

Is Wartsolax Remedy helpful to cure your warts safely? We’ve learn many
good stuff about this popular warts home remedy.

Misty Mae says:

My son has 4 on each hand, fingers. 1 now on the tip of his nostril. 1 on
elbow & foot. We have been dealing with prescriptions for over 6 months and
the dermatologist froze them twice, they are not going away. They are such
an embarrassment to him and it makes me cry. He wears bandages all the time
on them and he’s afraid of giving them to others. I am going to try this
for him tomorrow. I’ll take pics of daily applications. He’s 13. Is it ok
to wear bandaids on them during day or should it breathe? Thank you for
sharing your videos. 

Roxanne Coronado says:

I really need to try this! Mine is on the wrist and it’s pretty big! I have
had it for about 3 years now and nothing’s worked. I mess with it so much
out of frustration and I feel like it just doesn’t go away at all

Aleyda Sanchez says:

Do I do this every night? I have so many its gross! I’ve tried everything
BUT the thing these people really ting about to google

KyKy831 says:

oh my gosh don’t do the pencil thing you might get an infection. Watch my
“how to get rid of warts with apple cider vinegar” and it shows you step by
step how to kill the wart. After a few weeks of doing it every night they
went away on my daughter. I hope it helps you

KyKy831 says:

Avoid the tweezers and a needle – you could get hurt yourself and get an
infection. If the top part already fell off then don’t pick at it.
Unfortunately (2 things), the ones on the hands seem to travel and also if
the are on the palm area of the skin (ie look at the inside of your hand)
the treatment doesn’t work as well or as fast. Don’t mess with the black
dots and see what happens.

KyKy831 says:

Sometimes she did complain of pain toward the end phases of using the
vinegar – more of a burning though. She had warts for 2 years and they just
kept popping up everywhere. It was a nightmare trying to chase the warts
down. But if you do it every day and I mean DON’T SKIP it really does work.

KyKy831 says:

every night

Mardy Lopez says:


Cactus Krate says:

drinking apple cider vinegar with raw honey and ginger is also good for the
body and boosts the immune system – you only need a little of it everyday –
less than half a cup madeup of two tablespoons of cider vinegar, 3
tablespoons raw honey and a tablespoon of grated ginger to one cup boiled
water. can be taken hot or cold – a good organic green tea can be added for
flavour and to enhance healing properties.

autumn bishop says:

i took a pencil 1 day stuck it under the wart and tryed to crobar it then
blood shot out it has to come off cause of my crush i want to get rid of
them for him i have 5 help

KyKy831 says:

It fell off by itself!

KyKy831 says:

Anywhere from 2 days (for the tiny ones) to 2-3 weeks for the large ones.

mikayla white says:

How long did it take for them to go away?

Sana Devkota says:

PLEASE HELP ME OUT: i tried this on 3 warts that are on the same thumb, but
the skin around is getting stained and turning gross, and the little
viruses are moving (the black dots), its not going to fall of cause the top
part already did and its damaging the skin around it. What should i do?
Should i keep doing the treatments. ps i am trying to take out the black
dots with tweezers and a needle but i don’t think thats a good idea anymore?

Ken Johnson says:

I tried this process and it my first wart fell off after the first week.
Yeah!!! I have more to go, but thanks so much for sharing. Very satisfied
with progress. I have 2 more that have turned black already and should fall
off soon hopefully.

KyKy831 says:

It usually flakes off but for some of the deeper ones they sort of burned
inward and I stopped put the vinegar on. The wart was dead

Khristian Araneda says:

do you take the scab off or do you just keep putting ACV until it falls off
by itself?

Cactus Krate says:

I forgot to mention it is best using organic, non GMO, raw unfiltered like
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar brand.

Daniel Pochmara says:

I am trying this on a wart that I’ve had for more than 12 years. I’ve had
this thing burned off with a lazer, frozen off with liquid nitrogen, not to
mention trying every over the counter cure that there is…it always came
back. I’m doing the ACV cure now and the results are coming along, but this
is a stubborn wart (and partially under the nailbed), so it’s not going
quietly. It is QUITE painful during treatment, but I attribute that to this
being such a long term deal.

KyKy831 says:

Thanks for the feedback. We also have been dealing with a wart under the
nailbed. It is shrinking but waaay slower than the others.

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