Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut oil- Can you drop weight without exercise?

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut oil- Can you drop weight without exercise?







bee123pollen says:

Tell us about all of the books behind you. What are they? What subjects do they cover? Where do you buy them? Do you know of any healthy food combinations?

Jlmhl Taylor says:

Does drinking apple cider vinegar kill or bother Kombucha tea if your drinking it, does it cancel it out? I love drinking Kombucha tea, I just wanted to make sure that I'm not undoing all my hard work on that.

J. Leonard says:

I just started doing this … my brother has done it and has lost 11 lbs in less than 2 weeks doing this!!! CRAZY! I pray to God it works for meeeeee!!!!!!

Tasha Foster says:

Haven't used this yet but just ordered some force XT pills that aid in weight loss along with clean eating and exercise. Would it b a bad idea to take this pill along with the apple cider vinegar? Would it b too much to take both?

Viola Jimenez says:

do you have any other advise for me ? im at 163 I would like to be at 145-150 at least and im 5'2

Viola Jimenez says:

im stuck im still gaining weight how long does it take for my body to adjust

KeeperPlus says:

I was type 2 and I use ACV at least twice a day with honey and I'm about to start coconut oil. But two years ago I had my blood tested and I had nurses following me around wondering how I was alive. They literally looked me in the eyes and said your blood sugar and triglycerides are so high we don't know how you haven't dropped dead from a massive heart attack or stroke. The next day I changed my diet and started to work out. I was over 310 lbs and I'm two to 3 months I dropped to 250 lbs. so I know for a fact this stuff works but I also recommend exercise

MsDee J says:

Shane Chartrand this is great info thanks for sharing.

Viola Jimenez says:

ive been doing this for 3 weeks and been working out at least 4- 5 times a week for about 30- 4o minutes changed diet and ive gain weight and i drink it twice a day what im i doing wrong?? Please help

Robien Torres says:

Is it okay ACV together with fish oil instead of VCO?

Esme says:

Just APC or it had to be mixed with water?? Isn't to agresive?

Colleen Clark says:

coconut oil seems to work as a natural laxative as well

misti witherell says:

Shane I have a question so I'm trying the acv 2 times a day but am also taking Garcinia combogia pills 3 of them with it I want to stop with the pills I don't like them I've tried the coconut oil I also have them in pills can i do the acv with the coconut oil pills the other thing I have notice when I do just the acv I notice I have to pee alot is that normal also thanks for this video

Sukhy Chumber says:

How long will it take to see results ? Thanks

Lady J says:


Yusleidy Guerrero says:

hi i love u videos

Billy Huff says:

biotin and b12

Andrew B. O'Reilly says:

I love this. It was full of useful information about coconut oil, it made sure you knew that there were some thoughts about coconut oil that were myths like coconut oil is sweet . Then it lists what it can do for your skin and body, even weight loss. I ran out and bought some coconut oil and I made the body butter with coconut oil and used it last night and I already feel smoother and have a glow.

Shaday Hernandez says:

OMG love this video ?❤

Michele Tran-Wong says:

Shane I just found your video and I now going to start drinking apple cider vinegar in hopes to lose weight for the new year and be more healthy. my question to you is if I used 8 ounce of water 2 tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar a little bit of lemon can I also put in a organic green tea bag I and warm it up? And if I warm it up and put a tea bag in will that lose any benefits of the apple cider vinegar?

Kristina Olmedo says:

Hi! Love the videos! Question. I've been mixing the vinegar and coconut oil with a bit of cinnamon and water. I take it as a shot about twice a day. Been about 1 week. I'm very active and am on week 1 of whole30. I feel like I've actually gained weight. Just curious if I'm doing something wrong. I'm not trying to lose 20 lbs, I was active/healthy prior to starting the ACV coconut oil and also whole30. Just trying to get back to a healthy place after the holidays!


Ashton Hinnant says:

The video was phenomenal Shane. Thanks so much. I will definitely try this. I trying to lose 10 pounds and since I am naturally thin I think it is more challenging to lose weight, But I am willing to try this!

Waking Up With Lee Catalano says:

What a nice man. I'm normal sized and enjoy both of these things. CCO in coffee every mornin. 🙂

Justin Johnson says:

can I mix acv and coconut oil in water or consume them separately?

kim A says:

My appetite has dropped sharply by starting the day with lemon water and ACV (two tbl spoons). I first drink the AVC as a shot and then drink lemon water with either stevia or raw honey. I do this again early afternoon and before bed.

kim A says:

Did you mean to say your body would become less alkaline with ACV?

Natalie Gatto says:

I just started acv and coconut oil. I do need to loose a good 25 pounds. But I also really want to improve my health. Only a few days in and I can feel a difference. My joints and bones don't hurt as much. I do exercise but I don't go over board. I get tired very easily. Thank you for the video.

MrMacnova says:

Ok here's the deal… a sedentary male needs 11 (9 for women) calories per pound to lose weight… so a 300 lb male will lose weight nicely at 3300 calories per day. Why people "Plateau" is that if you continue to keep your caloric intake at 3300 calories as you drop weight you will be taking in more calories than you are burning and weight loss will come to a standstill. So for every 10 lbs you lose you need to restrict you intake by 110 calories to maintain the steady loss. So at 250 lbs you should be at 2750 and so on.

Mebrat Mamo says:

hi every one .i try coconut oil fo two weeks it makes me constapeted.

barbi doll says:

Hi plz You show who to make and use plzzz tell to as

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