Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Seed Oil, and Hammer growth??

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Does Black Seed Oil make your hammer thicker?


ernest flowers says:

lmao.. clink clink clink

Purity Smith says:

Wish I would've found out about this sooner. Thanks for the info!

Mr. Universe says:

Many of your desired effects will be negated with the unnatural honey which is pasteurized and insulin producing. Also that fake lemon juice gotta go.


Lol at all the small dick dudes commenting.

Essence L. says:

Ok I had to fwd ur vid to get past a lot of the stirring @ 217💁😕PLZ watch the stirring in ur vids as it takes away from u, is louder than ur voice & plz dont stir n ur others vids💁😕😒bc its irritating💁😒.

Sam Paz says:

Thanks, but In your video, you keep talking a lot!!, but at the beginning, you never said whats the liquid was already in the cup?!! Lemon Juice? or other thing? a table spoon Apple cider came later, while nobody heard what was in that little yellow bottle? you added to the cup?

7Bambi19 says:

All that base in ur voice… I doubt u need an increase in size… IJS!

Rod Jones says:

U have to many antics

Ronnie Rocha says:


Choice or No Choice says:

I see you got that 'GET OUT'
tea stirring hypnotism shit
in full effect!

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