Apple Cider Vinegar Beverage | curb cravings, lose weight, clear skin and fight fatigue!

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Products Mentioned:
Lemon Squeezer –
Organic Molasses –
White Kettle –
Chia Seeds –
White House ACV –
Bragg ACV –

Thank you White House Foods for providing me with the apple cider vinegar. Check out their website!
Please note that this is just another way of incorporating apple cider vinegar if you are having a really hard time drinking acv. This is something that I enjoy regularly and by no means is it the end all be all. I just love sharing my tips and favourites with you so please take this with a grain of salt and adjust recipe to your liking. xo

Tea of choice (optional)
Apple Cider Vinegar – 2tbs
Chia Seeds – 3 tbs of chia pudding mixture
Molasses – 1to2 tsps

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Emily's Worldxoxo says:

can kurtz apple cider vinegar help you lose weight???

Aliah Dela says:

Can this brand clear yeast infection?

Daisha Hudson says:

Does it have to be organic

Cavs 1652 says:

Does the whitehouse work as well as the BRAGGS?

Erica Baker says:

is it okay to use apple cider vinegar without the mother. because I bought the white house brand but it doesn't have mother

Nneka Wiltz says:

Hi, Kim. I didn't see the link for the lemon squeezer. Thank you for this recipe. ?

Cali Fornia says:

I love ACV.  I put 1/2 cup concord grape juice (organic) with 1 tsp. ACV and then a little water and drink it down.

zay zay says:

HI where did you get your tea kettle from…….btw can you also add in the measurements water…etc

Daphne Williams says:

I tried it….ohhhh my gosh ????

Evettelitsia narvaez says:

my cousin has been yelling at me to do this but I couldn't stand the taste! thanks so much I'm planing on doing this tomorrow! awesome channel!

Sunny Johnson says:


Miskatur Rahman says:

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peachiejean says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I can't find these brands where I live. I love beet juice. Can I make my own and freeze it in ice cube trays till I'm ready to use it? How much lemon juice do you use?

Oyinkan O. says:

Just a warning this stuff taste freakin awful. Disgusting. You'll want to cry! You'll actually cry because the smell! I put 3 teaspoons of the cider, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of raw honey, and a slice of garlic. So I put all this in warm water from the kettle, anyways it taste rlly bad but eh whatever it's good for you

Laura Ventura says:

can I add organic agave nectar as sweetner?

Tom Trefz says:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Happy to subscribe to your channel 😉

Mark Crawford says:

I love you! You're sooo pretty! Just started to use apple cider vinegar raw unfiltered ORGANIC as toner. Thanks! 🙂

Robyn Blackmon says:

how do you make your Chia pudding mix?

Isa Rosa says:

I live in Brazil, and it is quite difficult to find organic apple cider vinegar. but I found one that is manufactured here so it's not as expensive as if I were exported. I loved the video and I will make the recipe. and dear… you are very beautiful and has a wonderful voice ??

aizat1900 says:

8:13 thats more of 5 table spoon all together. It's ok I guess since its in a big jug :V

Alexia Hunter says:

How often do u like to drink ACV? This looks amazing!

André Morin says:

Thank you Kim for your video I will try that soon Bye!

Michael Atkinson says:

Nice work!!!!

Burcu Salman says:

You are the best! İ love this drink. Please make what i eat a day or daily make up tutoriol. Thank you!

Naty Ashba says:

Great video <3 What is your email?

Huny Buns says:

how sweet is it?

ThesoundofWolf says:

I do this with hibiscus tea, green tea, flax seed and organic honey.

A0403T says:

What makeup do you use on face, it looks flawless? And thanks for sharing 🙂 I will defo be purchasing myself an acv!

Constance Constance says:

I like the pitcher where did you get it?

Sandy Garcia says:

great video

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