Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits -Weight Loss, Long Shiny Hair , Treat Acne, Lower Cholesterol!

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Apple Cider Vinegar – Lose weight, grow shiny hair and glowing skin!
Shrink pores, and treat acne and diabetes!
Easy way to lose weight, get thinner, lower cholesterol and blood sugar!
Grow longer thicker shinier hair!

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twinkywinky426563 says:

was drinking this for 2 months. by the 3rd it had made my throat raw and
uncomfortable, now whenever i eat anything even slightly spicy it feels
like a cold burning sensation in my throat, and if i drink from those water
bottles that you have to pull up the top to open, the inside of my throat
feels like,.. you know when you pull old ppls skin? how it slowly goes back
down? like that

Munagala Snigdha says:

hi jovita…I am snigdha and I stay in Qatar……..recently I came through
ur apple cidar vinegar video…and….I went to buy but I am quiet
confused with the brands available there …..can I buy American garden
apple cidar it organic ? bcoz on the top of it itz written
distilled and 5% acidic…..plz plz plz help me……which brand should I

Mackenzie Rene says:

Before attempting any useless ointment, you should consider some 100 %
natural treatment for hair loss

Nguyen Hai Do says:

It is possible to re-grow hair in a natural way in 6 months, without waste
big money for surgery & costly treatment

ovee zaman says:

Hey there! Have you seen the website – Basup Soft Hair Growth Tips (search
on google)? There are some super free hair loss tips and my buddy got nice
results from it.

Tyler Pierce says:

only works on your hair.

Rashmi Kumaraswamy says:

Hi Girls! Use Bragg ACV. Its little expensive but worth it. Specially for
internal use. I stay in Malaysia it is availble here. 

Olmo Rios says:

Your videos are awesome! 

Daphne Hawkins says:

Is pure apple cider vinegar okay? I just got mine from Walmart :s great
video btw (: 

Puja Naidu says:

i did start having apple cider vinegar.. n thanx to u jovita.. it has
really helped me a lot in getting back to shape.. n yes.. even my skin
started glowing.. thank you so much dea..

ChiaTheDoll says:

I use it for my acne! It works! When ever I feel a pimple coming on, I dab
it on the area and usually, it prevents the pimple from coming up

Tracy Timberlake says:

I have a video on this too! ACV is my jam!!!! Always a staple in my beauty
kitchen 🙂 used it to help detox after all of the crappy holiday food I ate
lol. Great video girl? Xoxo

Vaishali Raj says:

how much of ACV and water do i need to rinse off my hair?

Christina Chi says:

You can get organic apple cider vinegar cheap here.. .

Faty Mcbutterpants says:

That tip was amazing! I started using it as a toner and got rid of these
little tiny pimples in the face which are filled with clear “liquid”! My
skin is super smooth again by only using it 3 times by now! Thank you so
much! I thought i was allergic to my mac blushes or something! I was so sad
i might have to throw them away ($$$)! THANK YOU so much !

Samantha 1 says:

What was that banging noise in the background???!!! Hhhhhhmmmmm….

yallipop says:

Love the way u say diarrhea…..that sounds so weird lmaoo 

Grosons Enterprises says:


shahul hameed says:

worst video, i’ve ever seen … too much boring acting & irrelevant
actions, period.

Madhura Khandare says:

Any idea if you get ACV in India??? 🙁 or is there any other alternative
to this..
I hv seen only normal vinegar…

Kiran Crazy says:

u looking gorgeous mr jovitageorge 

Muhsen Ali Syed Shabbir Hussain says:


Veronica Silva says:

lol what the hell with that sound !!! lmao

Bob McCall says:

u have a pretty face and great skin…

Fany Hwang says:

I havent been subscribed for long, I subscribed because of Trisha. But I
must say, I learnt so much from this video! I didn’t know it had so many
amazing uses, we have it in my house but my dad is the only one who uses
it. Now I will use it too! Thankyou~

shamzmakeupartistry says:

Yeah gal apple cider vinegar is my dietary supply for everyday I mix those
with manukan honey and mint leaf xx :)

dionne says:

My favorite vinegar and so many great uses. Ms. Jovitageorge, your so
lively! Thanks!

MrJovitageorge says:
Verónica Moscatel says:

is good for candidiase too. Wash the area whit whater and vinagar 3 times a

ini hangu says:

boy can you talk!!!!!

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