Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits: 6 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Anyone who’s into natural health has heard of the many apple cider vinegar benefits. Some of claims are a little suspect at best, but others are actually proven. Join along as The Health Nerd explains the 6 apple cider vinegar benefits that are actually backed up by science.

Apple Cider Vinegar has what could be described as a cult following to its natural health claims.

From better sleep, to weight loss to healing warts, pretty much everyone has an opinion on this health drink… And while some of these claims are a little suspect at best… a lot of them are actually backed by science.

And overall, it’s an incredible drink your body will find plenty of benefits from. So today, The Health Nerd is going teach you all about apple cider vinegar and what it can do for YOU!

Here are the top 6 proven apple cider vinegar benefits…

#1. Can give you clean energy

Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven to lower blood sugar by up to 33% when consumed. Which is excellent news for everyone, especially diabetics. Blood sugar is how sugar is transported from our blood stream and provides energy to our cells. By regulating blood sugar levels with Apple Cider Vinegar, you should notice more energy throughout your day and less of those mid day crashes. It’s not going to give you a crazy high or a crazy low, but you will notice a smooth and steady steam of energy throughout your day.

#2. Can help you lose weight

Studies have shown that consuming apple cider vinegar with your meals will make you feel fuller, and those who consume Apple Cider Vinegar throughout their day have been shown to naturally eat 200-275 fewer calories. Another study showed that consumption reduces belly fat and waist circumference in obese individuals. So drink more Apple Cider Vinegar before or during your meals if your goal is to lose some weight.

#3. Better Nutrient absorption from the foods you eat

Apple cider vinegar has also been shown to help increase Insulin sensitivity by up to 34%. When people are insulin resistant or diabetic, they have a much harder time digesting carbs and absorbing the nutrients from their food. That’s why it’s so important that we keep our bodies insulin sensitive. This also aids weight loss because the more insulin sensitive your body is, the easier it will be for you to burn fat.

#4. Helps improve skin health

Apple cider Vinegar contains amino acids and antioxidants like chlorogenic acid. These have been shown to protect against heart disease and improve your skin heath. When consumed daily, you will see some improvements over time and it will help slow the damage to skin done by the aging process.

#5. Has been shown to shrink cancer cells

Maybe the most shocking apple cider vinegar benefit is the research that has been done on its effects to cancer cells. Some studies have shown that vinegar can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Now, this is obviously not a substitute for a doctor prescribed treatment, but it only stands to benefit your health.

#6. Aids digestion and can help with digestive issues

Apple cider vinegar is a potent antimicrobial among other things. When digested, it acts similarly to a probiotic restoring healthy gut bacteria and killing off the bad bacteria. That’s why so many people talk about how apple cider vinegar has aided their digestive issues. Many people also claim that apple cider vinegar will help you fight acne when applied topically and is great for the health of your hair. And while there has not been any scientific evidence behind this, if you’re feeling lucky, you can always give it a try.

How do you make it?

Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8oz of water, stir, and drink. You should try to consume this amount 2-3 time a day for best effect.

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Andra Toma says:

So many benefits!!


what is the difference from the stuff I see at Meijer that $5.00 compared to the stuff I see a GMC?

UnboundGodz says:

What use is this with Garcinia Cambogia? Seen a lot of people use this combo to lose weight. Is Garcinia worth getting aswell?

CeaselesslyCurious says:

I use to be consistent with drinking ACV, but I only took I tbl spoon with a glass of water twice a day and it did give me more energy, my stomach felt better, and skin looked better, but I just dreaded the taste and soon stopped, but I think I'll get back on it.

Hala A A says:

Does it have to be raw?
thx for the amazing videos ❤❤😍

Anne Laxen says:

Is it safe for women nursing?

Rosmady Liriano says:

Guess a baby panda was born 💗 #newsubscriber

Jessica Froberg says:

I love your health tips…but I have a problem. I want to do them…but I'm unsure about the effects while breastfeeding. Can you do a video on some of these health tips (lemon water, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar etc) on pregnant and breastfeeding women? THANKS!

Thomas H says:

sounds like a meme

Aja Meadows says:

If i'm allergic to apples, can I consume ACV?

Alina Parks says:

Also it's good if you wanna make your hair shiny, spray some after you shampoo then put conditioner on to wash it off

Mavis Smith says:

Does it have to be mixed with 8oz of water? Can it go into a standard (16.9oz) water bottle and still be just as effective? Or does that dilute the results?

tin win says:

How about to chronic kidney disease?

Tophyy says:

Are capsules ok? or are there any benefits using the bottle?

Naomi Makino says:

can I add it to hot water with honey?

Coil u says:

It's vinegar and it's acidic. Good for stomach? Are you so sure? You propose quite a lot of additional acid.

Waleed El-nahal says:

what are your thoughts about apple cider vinegar pills ? easier to take.. any idea about it's benefit ?

Indy D says:

What about your teeth, though? If you're drinking vinegar water 2-3 times per day will it weaken your dental enamel??

kingyfisho says:

Hi health nerd. love your videos. Can i combine lemon water and cider vinegar to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

Alyssa Villarreal says:

for those who dont like the taste
I have a solution!
boil the water for three minutes and then put your tea bag in it (for a more powerful weight loss add a tea spoon of baking soda it'll bobble a little and sizzle) two tea spoons of apple cinder vinegar mix it and cut some lemons up and squeeze the juice outta two of them then add honey to it
the more honey the less you'll taste the flavor

tony gordillo says:

so to shred belly fat. how much do i consume daily 1-2 tps? would it work the same if i mix it with water or juice?

Grace Quinlan says:

What are your thoughts of drinking ACV warm with a bit of honey?

J Rob says:

it helps the liver release more bile to break down food and flush fat

Awesome says:

Is it good to do cardio everyday

Sandra Martínez Putt says:

Hello Healthnerd! how about a video on garlic…especially black garlic…it's it really good for you?

Rodrigo says:

there has never been a study that proved anything of this crap

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