Apple Cider Vinegar | Beautiful Textures Product Line | Easy Styling

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In this video I will go through the process of clarifying my hair with organic apple cider vinegar, following up with Beautiful Textures product line and an easy style at the end! Let me know what you think. Have you used this product line before?




Lori Wier says:

I love clarifying with vinegar. What I've found is that, at least for my hair, any kind of vinegar works to clarify. I didn't have any acv, so I used red wine and pear balsamic vinegars from my pantry, of all things, put a teaspoon each in my spray bottle, filled it with tap water, and it works like a dream!

AnchoredGal says:

Came out beautifully 💜

Christopher Coutts says:

I love your hair.

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