Apple Cider Vinegar Beard Routine

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Ricky Petty says:

May be a good idea for people with a full beard already, but for people with a growing beard(new growth) it's probably not the best idea since Apple cider also removes DHT and DHT is the primary androgen for beard growth. Great idea to use on the hair on your head though since too much DHT build up up there causes hair loss. So yeah, not the best idea to keep stripping the DHT from your face follicles.

Muyiwa Mayor says:

Nice one fam.

Buffnerd Athletics says:

Dude, thank you in the tip. My beard feels great

#DontSweatTheSmallStuff says:

whats good bro, only thing I'm missing is the beard conditioner, can I still go ahead and do this routine until I get my beard conditioner?

Zach F says:

I know everyone suggests beard washes for cleaning but isn't it just as good to use dr.bronners peppermint soap then throw in all the oils you need?


Can you aplly the apple cider vinegar with beard oil?

shadow fire says:

Really appreciate your informative vids

Maurice Lewis says:

I really like this method. One week later and my beard is more manageable, feels softer and even seems shinier. I don't feel that gunk buildup. I use the scotch porter set and only wash once a week. This is now part of the regimen.

Maurice Lewis says:

So after doing the apple cider vinegar treatment then do the conditioner and rinse that out?

Day No says:

wassup B ,jus seen one of the vids you have up .I have a question how do I get the bottom to grow

Boris Karloff Jr.83 says:

I had been curious as to how to do the apple cider vinegar beard wash, very informative video, thank you for making this video.

jonestarr84 says:

How often should we do this fam..

Moshe Ben Yahudah Yisrael says:

Thanks for sharing more knowledge Bro. Must try this apple cider vinegar method, you learn something new everyday.

David Pugh says:

Ok you actually answered my question on here

David Pugh says:

So the routine is wash the beard then condition it, now do you use the vinegar cider before or after the beard conditioner??


Question is dying tour beard with just for men bad for your beard like is there chemicals in it that will stop your beard progress?

Jose Nunez says:

B can you do a video about best practices for your beard when you go to the beach or pool. Thanks for all the beard information and product reviews!

Karan bogati says:

what if you don't have ? does it help to grwo new hair ?

David WIngfield says:

Great sir that's Good but organic apple cider vinegar works too the Bragg kind

9stop Sounds says:

Followed some of you tips beard looking way better bout to do the blow dryer , spritz tech. Also wanted to Kno if I can submit a beat for your channel ? You added value to my life so I'm looking to add some value back to your channel ..

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