Apple Cider Vinegar: Banish bloat, weight loss, increase energy? The Scoop!

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I have always used Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, but there are other brands to choose from – just remember that you want raw, unfiltered and organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother”. Always remember to dilute your vinegar in something. Don’t drink it straight up.

Most importantly, consult your doctor if you have any health issues!!! This may interfere with certain medications!

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Maren Kritz says:

one of the main reasons ACV works for weight loss is because it balances
the PH in your body, and it also kills off candida and cleans out your
guts,,if u are adding honey that is processed and full of sugar it kind of
defeats the purpose of using the ACV because candida thrives off sugar.
hope that helps

makeuploverusa says:

I’m with you on the gluten issue. I would not leave it out of my diet
unless I had a diagnosed gluten intolerance. Thanks for sharing your
experience with this product. I like Braggs products. XOXO! Sandra.

Taxin Jazz says:

I have bought this vinegar before but never thought of taking it as a
digestive aid. Will give it a try. I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say, I
wonder if dairy is not your friend. I finely gave in to people telling me I
may have issues with dairy. I eat it anyway but have learned small
quantities are better. I love that your videos cover a plethora of topics.
Thanks so much for always being interesting! 

LoriOver40 says:

Love your disclaimer…degree in social work. I gag when I brush my teeth
Melanie, maybe the honey would help me get it down. I love that we both
suck at cooking, makes me feel better, LOL! You’d think it would cause bad
breath, that’s interesting. My daughter has a funky toenail that I think
needs to be removed but maybe we’ll try this first. Thanks for doing this
🙂 xoxo

Cynthia Nicole says:

Apple cider vinegar makes your body Alkaline. When you are alkaline your
body is at its optimal best, more energy, less bloating, less inflammation.
Also, you age slower with an alkaline body. Cancer and lots of viruses
cannot live in an alkaline body.

MissCrystal says:

Side note – you’re hair is looking great! Color looks back on point! Would
you believe I did my roots with a med ash blonde and I look totally
brunette again?! Not happy. Hoping it fades back after a few shampoos like
normal. Ok, back to this video, lol. Hubby drinks this stuff all the time.
I need to but have to figure how to stomach it. Our stomach works better
when it’s more alkaline (eating alkaline foods). That’s why this works.
Thanks for the reminder of the great benefits! :)

flourishxo says:

Great vid gf!
I use mine as a hair rinse sometime and a add a few drops of tea tree oil
to alleviate itchy scalp! it works like a charm 🙂 I need to drink this
shizzz but i’m such a wuss about it. I put it on a cotton pad to dry out
huge pimples too! this stuff is amazing as are you!
Steph xo

Elle Is For Living says:

I use it in recipes and for sunburns (ok, hopefully don’t have those any
more at my age!) but dont’ know that I have the guts to drink this! lol! ♥

susanreedy29 says:

I just pulled my bottle out of the pantry. I can mix 2 tbs of the vinegar
with about 3/4 cup of coconut water, 3/4 cup of water and ice. I like the
Vita Coco coconut water with pineapple. I have found this at my local
safeway andTarget. Check to see if your local store carries
it. Also apple cider or pineapple nectar work well. Both would be in the
refrigerator section if your store carries it. Pretty tolerable for me

MommyLuvsMakeup says:

Your makeup looks gorgeous in this video! 

Chelsi Greer says:

Great video. I didn’t know some of the stuff you found! I will be using
mine for a lot more now! 

katie lovesya says:

love that you said you’re not a ”dietician”. . .i think most people
forget that to study dietetics requires years of university study and
medical-setting experience, whereas nutrition is a year long diploma or

laineybugger says:

I’ve been waiting for you to post this since you mentioned it the other
day. I’m sooo going to try it! My new favorite belly cure is a probiotic
fruit juice called Good Belly. I look like I lost 10 lbs after losing the
bloat lol

Julie Smith says:

I have used this for salad dressing , it is very good.

blair johnston says:

Can you pleeeeeease do a video on the milk of magnesia???? I have extremely
oily skin and I feel like
I need your tips!!

Mystified1978 says:

Girl I love how real you are!!! This stuff is great!!! 🙂 XOXO

Schuylar Aesthetics says:

I need to buy more of this, I drank it to alkalize my body!! It also helped
my skin. I drank it with water through a straw. <3 

Kgirl says:

I do like 3 ounces water, 3 ounces orange juice, and two tablespoons of the
cider… The orange juice masks the flavor of the vinegar pretty well. I
also found this at Safeway! 

Cynthia Nicole says:

Raw honey is definitely better than processed honey which is just like
eating refined sugar. It also has pollen in it which helps if you have
allergies. It has to be local raw honey. It will build up a tolerance in
your system.

Madeline Texas says:

I love a woman that keeps her words Lol I never said these words before :-
& hopefully then no more constipation :-[ 

nellie pisani says:

it sounds great i will try it! anything to get a few pounds at my age!

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