Apple Cider Vinegar as a rust remover: How effective is it?

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular choice for rust removal in older metal gas tanks… but how much rust is too much for it to work?
I dive in with a camera scope to see results!!
I love garage chemistry.


Charles Martin says:

I did a 1965 vw bug body with white vinegar sprayed it on around 6pm woke up still rusty waited 3 day's repeated the process and rust turn dark gray . Now I'm trying to unseize a engine. I will update you later . Great video and review

TMC YOLO says:

it just needs more time

Husqv 51 says:

2 cups of rock salt, 1 cup WHITE vinegar, shake 10 minutes, rinse out twice, done! Been doing it for years, never failed yet.

TheGamingDuck says:

Hi, could somebody please explain to me how this works i was wondering how because i have a science fair to remove rust and i need to state how it works, thanks!

roger cada says:

hey bro. i had a rusty gun with a live bullet stock inside. is it safe to derust my gun with the apple cidar venegar?, help

EmilyDickinson1000 says:

Rust inset looks like modern painting!

EmilyDickinson1000 says:

Thanks. Great presentation!

machado orlando says:

50% Vinegar is the best!

Hazel Eyes says:

I love the video. If you were able to get inside and do some scrubbing along with the vinegar, I'm sure it will be fine. Great video!

Yellowghost73 says:

degreased first? If a oily film was protecting the rust from the vinegar, it could take weeks

Hairy Garry says:

Your Supposed to Leave It To Soak in For A Couple Months.

kosmosleha says:

You have to leave the cider inside for 3 days; it will be like brand new. Just takes time.

Lefty Jones says:

white vinegar works better

Anthony Harradine says:

Put some washers and nuts and bolts in there and swish around every hour or so over the 36 hours. Hey presto!

Paul Bary says:

Great video …. I just used the process on some rusty bathroom door hinges and it cleaned them up wonderfully! Many thanx for the tip that moves us closer to a rust free world …. Cheers!

PetertheGreatest1 says:

1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup salt, 1 cup dish soap makes about a gallon of weed killer.

Jusb1066 says:

they sell some epoxy based tank sealer, i used this on some vintage motorcycle tanks, coats with white epoxy and looks nice after its done, its like half an hour slowly rotating it by hand but its worth it

Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath from Workshop Hero says:

Hey, I love your video! I would love it if you gave our product Metal Rescue Rust Remover Bath a try on that rusty gas tank! It's a water based rust remover that does all of the work for you! Plus you can't leave it in to long because it's not an acid! It's safe on paint, plastic, and to the touch. It's a miracle product! Ok, enough about the product, what do you say, are you up for the challenge? If so, please email us back at Thanks.

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