Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Made FROM SCRATCH

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How to make Apple Cider Vinegar. This video is a follow up to the video I posted yesterday. Here I’ll answer the question “How do I start making Apple Cider Vinegar without a Mother to start with?”. You can do this!

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Bucks County Joe says:


donnalong says:

Hi, I've been watching you for quite awhile now. Your presentation is really getting good! Keep the vids coming…You are developing your communication skills and your comfortable self assurance as a narrator is coming across more and more! Thanks for this video especially. I have a fridge crisper full of apples that we did not eat because they weren't as good as expected. I was needing to do something with them so they don't go to waste. Your Apple Cider Videos have inspired me to turn them to vinegar! Thank you Blake!

Ideal Smith says:

Hi Blake ☺
8 months later, & im STILL making vinegar! i've also made, a pear, and a pineapple. i am very lucky, i get free fruit, its not organic, its 2nds, but its FREE! so i make vinegar!
i wash (w/vegi soap) & rinse the fruit very very well. Since i plan to continue making vinegars, i have even made 'socks' from dark cloth to keep each jar dark. So…..Blake, u taught how to make it, now im like the vinegar lady! Thank You.
Thanks to Mrs Corvera also, the teacher who taught me to read, another skill i use a lot.
Thank You to all People who teach others things that make life easier 😘

Jeri L Everley says:

when or how long before one can start using it after you make it?

Margaret George says:

You worry about it being organic, then you nuke it!!!!!!????????

medalla gahaton says:

Thank you for sharing. I made ACV for the last 13 days now. I did stir it every 2 days for a week only. Now, I found out that there are molds in the upper side of the bottle. Should I throw it now?

Glenn Davis says:

Thanks Blake, love the video. , I made 3 mason Jars of ACV, 2 jars turned out golden color, the 1 jar turned a reddish color. is the reddish color one good?

renate butler says:

QUESTION—-can I use the "mother" that grew of the Apple Cider vinegar as a "Mother" for Kombucha? I am looking for a way to make the scoby thats needed to make Kombucha from scratch……thanks!

Kenny Gray says:

great info! I will definately try it out!

Amedeo Homestead says:

I have made kombocha, can I use one of the scobe / mother from that?

Kiel Lampe says:

I watched a few videos on making vinegar before I fell on Your video, and gave it a try. You made it feel really achievable! Once my scobe didn't start forming like I thought it would, I came black to YouTube to see what I did wrong and fell on your collaboration video with J&J Acres and it made me feel so much better. Then I read through the comments and found you both discussing it! This is by far the collaboration I have seen on YouTube! Thank you guys both for helping me make vinegar!! 😀

Julia Ong says:

Can I use the mother vinegar which I get from making red wine vinegar ?

Curtis Fox says:

Hey Blake, can I use a SCOBY from my kombucha for my homemade ACV?

Isabelle Amalfi says:

Can I use a "mother"/scoby that I made from a batch of kombucha?

Tabitha Wolfe says:

I have my first batch going right now it has been four weeks, I used chunks and also pulp from my juicer. I need some advice on my batch!

Bryan Asen Georgiev says:

Hi, you say "mother" but i have a vinegar mashroom (i keep it in jar with vinegar to be a live) so when i have to put in the jar? From the very begining or i have to wait a couple days? Sorry for my english. Thanks

Caroiseaux says:

Hi Blake!

I would like to know: like I seen in your video, you keep the apples all the long time process?
I have try a first try in March. After one month, I'm remove the chunks apples and then a put my cider in the pantry again (I have a mother now, whoooot whoot!). But' I can keep my apples all the long time process right? Now I have my scoby?

Thank you!!

Anthony Robinson says:

I am trying my second batch of ACV. My first one developed mold and I had to trash it. This one seems to be doing just fine. It is actually forming the SCOBY on the surface. My problem is that it started forming before I could get the apple chunks out. Will that be a problem? Should I disturb it by trying to take the apples out now, or just wait until it is finished?

Cheryl Dugas says:

thank you. great video. question. do the frozen apples have to be completely thawed before you start the process.

AntPDC says:

Blake, you inspired me to have a go at this, so I'm using YOUR method (shared by many YouTubers) using two 1.5 litre Kilner jars (lids off), AND an air-locked 5 litre demijohn, using sliced apples, sugarwater and wine yeast (no ACV Mother). The air-locked demijohn started bubbling away like crazy within a day, while the Kilner jars (with no added yeast) are barely doing anything after nearly a week, even though I added some organic ACV with the Mother. The demijohn batch will turn into cider (which as you know is called "hard" cider in the US) after a few weeks, which I shall then attempt to turn into ACV using Mother of Vinegar in a covered vessel, exposed to the air via a cloth. I'll let you and your Subs know how my experiment progresses.

Meantime, I came across this post ( which I thought to be of interest: Sarah M there states: "Experienced fermenters do not call this a cider vinegar, and actually we’re quite frustrated that so many bloggers are passing off weak scrap vinegar recipes as a cider vinegar. The small amount of sugar used in this recipe will yield an extremely low amount of acetic acid in the finished product, creating a “vinegar” that is not shelf stable and prone to spoilage. It should not be substituted in health, cosmetic, or cleaning applications that call for full-strength cider vinegar. You cannot soak apples in water with a little bit of sugar and call it cider. Cider is the pure juice of pressed apples with no water added. And that is actually a legal definition, in the US – “VINEGAR, CIDER VINEGAR, APPLE VINEGAR. The product made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations of the juice of apples.” (Source: US FDA) Apple cider vinegar, being made from pure juice, is a good source of pectin and other nutrients, which is why it has long been touted as a health tonic. Apple-flavored light vinegar like yours does not have those benefits, and calling it a cider vinegar may confuse your readers into thinking they are making something at home which is comparable to a product like Bragg’s Raw ACV, which it absolutely is not".

As school exams often state: "discuss and amplify your comments with examples" 🙂

AntPDC says:

Different techniques, all the variables which determine the final outcome – local climate, wild yeast strains, levels of fructose in the apples, and all the other uncertainties: all of these create the sheer fun of it all. Experimentation is a wonderful way to learn, and thence to pass on what one has learnt for the benefit of others. And thank goodness for that because, like chain stores in malls and along high streets worldwide, homogeneity is the enemy of creativity and freedom. Love your Channel, thank you Blake and family.

Nancy Lizarraga says:

Thank you, I am so looking forward to trying and taste my own ACV, love your whole family, and all the good things you do. Saw your kumbucha video and been making kumbucha . Look forward to your videos.

Nancy Lizarraga says:

Started my ACV, how long do I let it ferment? You said about a month? I'm in Az. So it's very warm! After I strain the apples do I let them set for another month or weeks?
( first time doing this)

M Kay says:

Was given an idea that cutting the apples and allowing them to stand overnight enables them to collect the natural yeasts in the air – going to do this with my next batch. Also if you put an empty glass jar in the neck of the larger jar to push the apples down into the water before you place the towel over the neck. thanks for the videos, really enjoy them.

Believe says:

Can you use a kombucha skoby? Would you then add sugar, vinegar, and apples?

Nancy Lizarraga says:

Thank you, I'm gonna give it a try👌🏻thank you again 😉
Love your video😉

Catarina Tang says:

hi, I was hoping that you could tell me. I soaked my apples for 3 weeks, then it's been 3 more weeks since I removed it. it's still fizzing. what am I supposed to do? I've already bottled it. am I supposed to let it burp every now and then?

Destiny Supernault says:

hey he is in Edmonton!!

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