Apple Cider Vinegar ACV Lemon Juice Water Drink

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A step by step tutorial showing how I make my Apple Cider and Lemon Juice Health Drink


Mauricio Ruiz says:

Very beneficial thanks

Dr Michael Lange says:

great video! great for digestive issues.

bellot1 says:

and helps with acid reflux…… it!

flabby212 says:

love it

Michael Brock says:

Been user adv & lemon juice for years it really works. THANKS

Trakehner20 says:

Everything you said is exactly correct, however sweetie, I do need to let
you know those products will not do any of the things you’ve said. Right
idea, wrong products. Distilled ACV has all the nutrients and benefits
heated out of it. Won’t do any good, even probably bad for you. BOttled
lemon juice has lost nutrients, and they add a bad ingredient. The only way
to go is fresh squeezed, and the ACV MUST be organic, with the “mother”
which gives it the health benefits. I love your video though!

ExcelDriveVideo says:

You’re right. I use bragg’s now. I’ll have to post a comment in the video.

shakiwel says:

I agree that this is a wonderful concoction but why not take it a step
further and use Bragg’s organic ACV because you are missing out on the
“MOTHER”, the cloudy sediment at the bottom of the Bragg’s bottle. Also
squeeze lemons for the untouched nutrients that could be missing in bottled
lemon juice.

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