All About Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hey ya’ll, so today I share with you the benefits and uses for Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s great for hair, skin and health.


You can purchase raw unfiltered ACV at walmart, and practically any grocery store, just ask a worker 🙂

you can also order online on Amazon:

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Corina L says:

Yes thank you! This was so helpful

Giselle Ramirez says:

Btw love your videos. You're a real life saver ❤️

Giselle Ramirez says:

Tips for preventing hair loss?

Roz Campbell says:

you should be on a Comedy TV show. REALLY ?

Rachell Santana says:

Can you do a tutorial of your wedding hairstyle?

Lizbeth Ramos says:

HER HAIR !!!!!

92momonica says:

do you know ASL or just the numbers? ?

Vilmarys M says:

Hi! Have you trimmed your hair since your cut? If so how often do you do it?

Destiny P. says:

The X-Files music ?? That's my exact reaction anything something creepy happens.

Mars Griffith says:

3:04 calmate Angel baby

MadHatter MA says:

is it better to rinse it out in cold or warm o does it matter ?

Veronica Silva says:

I literally just started drinking this!! Thanks for this video!

Seaweede Starfish says:

ASL numbers! Champ!

SmileZone says:

i was wondering, is a Silk Press Still bad for your curly hair? Even though it provides protein and moisture for the hair??

Hannah says:

I LOVE ACV! I've been drinking it for over 2 years, I go through about a bottle a month. It was weird at first but after awhile you'll start to love the taste of it in your water. I do notice benefits with my skin being clear and also not as dry.

Also, before you use the rinse, make sure you don't have bad acne or cuts on you back, because ACV burns like hell lol

Viviane says:

hello so i cut my hair and went natural like 3 months ago and i wash my hair twice a week. Once with the helvetia natura shampoo and once with a mix of alma,sidr ans brahmi powders.I know that transition takes time but for the last 3 months my hair has been greasy the moment i get out of the shower. It's not very obvious since i keep my hair tied up but there are many dandruffs.I use avc mixed with water after conditionner but they're still here.And i bought the powders bc they're supposed to remove them but it doesn't work either so is there something i can do or should i wait until my transition is over?

Brown Curls says:

my bf HATES, HATES HATES the smell of ACV. i dont mind it, if I know its good for me ill accept the smell. is there any helps to keep the smell off lol. weird question I know

Cassy T says:

What I eat in a day video

Kehau Apana says:

I have so much dandruff I started using acv and it helps so much! But I honestly just soak my hair with straight acv. I don't dilute it down with water. I've tried it but it just didn't work like the straight acv did. Keeps my hair so shiny and soft. It's great!

Frida K says:

You made me love my curly hair! Love from Sweden!

Stephanie A Nunez says:

I catched? the ASL number sign. I was like oooooo? many ASL classes did u take @curlypenny??

lambchop says:

I primarily use ACV for when I get a yeast infection or urinary tract infection. It kills candida and not all of the other healthy bacteria that an antibiotic would kill. Your vag will thank you. Bless.

Rhonda W. says:

The X-Files…LMAO!! Love the look you had on your face..:)

Angela Vasquez says:

tienes snapcat?

Tota Lee says:

Penny, have you done a video on what you do to grow your hair so quick?
Girl, you cut your hair in June '16, and it's already so long!

Manisha Reddy says:

i like your videos
but something off about the accent these days

i learned a lot from your videos
no hard feelings and i'm not much of an accent expert lol

Ana T says:

Do you think replacing ACV for hair conditioner would be a good idea for curly hair since what curly hair needs is moisture?

Ha Ha says:

I love her tongue rolls omg ?

Allie Zamora says:

I live in Florida and it's very humid here and my hair always becomes poofy whenever I step out of my house, do you have any suggestions with hair products or how to tame the frizziness abd poofiness?

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