Age Spot Cure: Onion Juice and ACV!

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Age Spot Cure: Natural Solutions! from The Health Fixer. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The Health Fixer on Blip!

Dr. Doug Willen, author of Quantum Paleo ( and the blog, provides natural solutions to common health problems. In this video he shares a quick tip for age spots.

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Ambika KC says:

Dear Sir,
I have melasma problem since 8 years. I am 32 years girl. I have used many medicine but it works at the time of medicine use. Melasma has effect on my nose, upper lip and upper part of eyebrows. After saw your video at you tube. I also follow your method (Apple cider vinegar and onion juice) last 6 months. However it also not works on my face. How long i have to do this? It may have any side effect after long use? ..

Will says:

How long can I keep the mixture? Do I have to remake everyday?

Kathy Campanelli says:

I will cautiously try it. I've tried just ACV on my face in the past and it burned like hell.

Skylightatdusk says:

Should the ACV be diluted? If so, to what extent please?

SILVIA says:

I just came on here to tell everyone this works!!!! Im still working on my problem areas (neck), but there is a drastic change for only using this method 3-5 times! I have left it on for up to 2 hrs. I've also used lemon juice and used baking soda paste once, not sure if that helped too. Anyway, it'll make u cry, but so worth it, whoever is trying to get rid of spots, give this a try.

Amee Hassa says:

Thank u for video can I freeze it in the fridge then I can use it for long time?

Renee Walsh says:

and do you rinse off?

Renee Walsh says:

What are the ratios?

Green Eyezz says:

Im 27 years old and have age spots around my eyes im definitely going to try this. Can it ve any onion or a specific one? White,yellow,red? Thnx u

Herma Du Pont says:

Hi, will this concoction work for acne scarring /hyper pigmentation?

rod garrett says:

Buttermilk will bleach your skin,  as well.

GeorgeyNico says:

what are the ratios, is 1 to 1 ok

Magicalwoman888 says:

Why pulverize it if you are putting it in a blender. Makes no sense at all.

blindthief says:

Will this work on dark acne scars?

minky cat says:

What is that music at the beginning

ggg 37 says:

If anyone has tried this can you please share your results?

Gina Irurzo says:

Hi!  what amount of each one?

steve chen says:

Dr. Willen, I am a 47 years old man and has been losing hair for many years. My question is does onion juice help to regrowth my hair? Thank you. 

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