ACV Rinse- Apple Cider Vinegar- Dread Maintence

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ACV Rinse- Apple Cider Vinegar- Dread Journey 2 Year Loc Maintenance l CharlesTerryJrTV

ACV Rinse Recipe:
1/4 Cup Baking Soda
1 Tsp Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Sea Salt
3/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

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SoldierNoses says:

Stop conditioning your locks. That’s part of the reason your water was so
murky. Always dilute your shampoos. Your dreads act as a sponge. They
retain all the residue and phosphates from the products you use. Never use
twisting gels or wax. Use a light oil for moisturizing. Always keep your
locks as clean as possible.

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@thelipstickfemme exactly I didn’t mention color BC I don’t have any lol
but yea just recolor it def stripes color

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@Q Griffin Ikr I was shocked haha

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@Rampage2010aj let me know when h do it

purplemunsta says:

I have tried this and love it….. Will be doing it again!!!!

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@freddyfingers3 awesome cant wait to seee

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@RageMaru awesome let me know

The Lipstick says:

Thanks for the recipe. I got this link from Facebook. I am going to try it
next week. I know I have 12 years of nasty buildup in my dreads that I
can’t see. Thanks so much. Question: I just wanted to know how often is
recommended to do this on ones hair. Twice a month, Once a Month? Thanks
for taking the time to put these videos for us to learn from your acquired
hair knowledge.

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@thelipstickfemme I would recommend once or twice a year at most it’s not
required to often

Larry Wallace says:

I’m gonna have to try this, almost to my 2 yrs

Lenore Osorio says:


Freddy Everett says:

I will be doing this at my 1 year lock anniversary.

The Lipstick says:

I did this today. My hair is a bit dry (I did a deep conditioning with Shea
Moisture), but it did take a lot of dirt and buildup out of my hair. Also,
if you color your hair, be ready for this formula to take some of the color
out. I lost a lot of color, I guess it was trapped inside of my dreads and
needed to come out. In any event, I’ll just recolor my hair.

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@purplemunsta awesome 🙂

Trinell Sonson says:


Q Griffin says:

Man it’s so crazy how you think you have no build up then bam!!!!! But I
guess ill be doing one at my 2 years.

CharlesTerry Jr says:

@Lenore Osorio yes I loved it give it a try

Aj McQueen says:

Love the vid I need to do this soon I gonna wait until my 6 month mark to
do it can’t wait to get my dreads lthat long

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