Acne Routine

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Hey everyone! So I have re-filmed my acne routine because my other ones are a little confusing and out-of-date so I hope this is easy to grasp on how my daily acne routine is done using three main ingredients.
Use at your own risk.


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Mr Boonz says:

omg i never had so much fun while watching a skin care video!!

lily__ Tavarez says:

love your hair, eyes and face!!!!

Tara W says:

so i have been using the cold cream, is it supposed to lather? because mine doesnt and when I rinse it off my face its extremely hard to get off

Criss Viado says:

how often you use your ACV

Quinto Tellez says:

i just came across your videos and i also have tried everything without any luck, i'd like to give this a try ( without the make up that is )
could you please tell me how often do you use the apple cider vinegar please??

Tim z says:

hard to watch cause your beauty is distracting

SeniorYear says:

What do you think on the caveman regimen? I did it for a week and my skin got all flakey and clogged however it got less sensitive

Caitzen says:

i love you so much. we would be friends outside of the inter web. your acne videos are inspiring meeeeee. so thanks.

Devil Lettuce says:

Thank you!!! <3 😀 You're drop dead stunning btw

Anna Banana says:

Have you ever tried witch hazel as a facial cleanser?:o Some people use ACV or witch hazel as a toner

MJ Aich says:

you are way too beautiful to be real

Azeez MJ says:

i like this gal

Joanna Lazcano says:

whatta what powder?

Christina Vasileva says:

hey ! I've been using the ACV now for 3-4 days ( I am drinking it as well) and I've noticed that my skin started to break out a little more and I know that's part of the detoxing process but when am I really going to see results ? I mean is it going to take a lot of time for the pimples ( the new ones too) to stat healing and going away ? thanks for sharing you're acne experience it really gives me hope that I'll enjoy normal skin one day ?? BTW you're SOOO BEAUTIFUL ???

Chang Yea Moon says:

So you did* this everyday? day and night? after sweaty workouts?
I remember you also saying you only shower 3 times a week or so and thats when you use only cold cream. So this video/routine is what you do in between those days?
Sorry I'm just very confused because the videos in the playlist are hard to follow xD
but I see it as-
3 times a week, you shower and use cold cream (I assume you only do this once, not day and night). Then in between the days you shower, you do this routine of apple cider and grape seed oil in the mornings only. Then 2 days out of the month you use the cold cream and then use the apple cider as a toner.? But that means you use the apple cider every day on your face except the days you shower, excluding the 2 days in the month? ahhhhhhhhhhh im confused, and/or confusing myself hard. 🙁

Magdalena Jones says:

What do you use to wash of your eyeliner and mascara?

gloria martinez says:

If I use face sunscreen will the ACV get rid of it all when I'm ready to get it off?

Sara Ben Rezig says:

After you put the vinegar on your face du you wash IT out or Do you just let IT stay?

Anni Kr says:

Sorry, what is the power you're using? I am not native engish speaking and never heard of it..

Sabrina Hess says:

Omg why are you so freaking prettyyyy holy cow

Danique Hartog says:

I'd love to try this method, also, I already checked out your most recent updated routine video. now for my actual question; how often am I supposed to do this routine since I'm just starting off? Love your videos! ❤

Angie1661 says:

Where do you use your cold cream?

D Froch says:

lol I love your personality…
I, too, am a girl that puts effort into looking good and staying healthy, but I just can't do all the countless nonsense products or keep up every inch of my beauty routine at all times… because well.. life is way too good to waste all that time and money!

I'm still struggling with getting rid of my acne personally, mainly connected to hormonal imbalances which I've been balancing out over last few years of clean, healthy eating.

It is good to have an example of someone who really struggled with acne, but truly has radiant skin now due to a very minimalist routine.

I've been using olive oil/sea salt soap to cleanse my face each day and jojoba oil to moisturize after. That's it. Skin has been better than ever but still needs improvement… will definitely try ACV again (used to, but stopped because of irritation… probably not diluted enough).

Funny too, because my husband has amazing skin but never does anything to it and is always telling me to just not wash my face! what a concept! lol

Less is more 🙂

Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

Petra Ch says:

Should I use acv as a toner everyday?

Alexia Hunter says:

HOI!!! When you use the arrowroot powder, do you wash it off at night w AVC, Cold Cream or with water?? I'm guessing you apply more grape seed oil or cold cream afterwards? Thanks!! :)) <3

Lyazzat Tlekkabylova says:

Hi ! I want to ask ,where can I buy apple vinegar ? at the supermarket or from iherb ,organic shop for make sure that it's organic?

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