ACNE MIRACLE | Simple/Natural Routine

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Brianne says:

Before you comment things like "oh, what's the point in making a video where you don't share the recipe" stop, first of all, go watch the rest of the videos I have, and stop being offended. It's annoying.

NICE K says:

Using the puff and wash cloth is bad for sensitive skin. USE YOUR FINGERS And use a foaming cleanser, twice a week. It gets rid of dead skin.

Monique Rushing says:

Weeks you have pms you have to bathe more than 3 times…?
I would like to buy that cream…please do sale. ?

Anna H. says:

If i wear concealer should i use the cold cream to remove my makeup from my face and then when i get in the shower use the cold cream again? Or do i just rub the cold cream on in the shower and let it sit until the end even though the makeup will be mixed in with the cold cream

Mermaid Pearl says:

So Every time you use cold must wipe your face? Am I right?

Khadi Malik says:

brianne plz help me out

Haleb forevahh says:

that skin transformation thoooo 😀

Debra Green says:

Clear, succinct and useful! Acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it). Now I am aware of the reasons behind why I`m enduring acne at age 40+. After reading this guide, I now have a much better idea on changing my acne treatment.

Jasmine k says:

Time waste????. Waisted my precious 5mnt 41 seconds

Tawnie Jordan says:

Hey hun, new fan here.. I have really stubborn acne. almost identical to yours in the pictures you had plus some black heads as well. im interested in trying this method because I too have tried every freaking acne product known to man and have had enough. I was wondering what your thoughts are on Ponds Cold Cream? im not sure I have the resources nor the money to make homemade versioj and was wondering if you've tried the store bought cold cream or if I should avoid it completely. thank you!!

Mishel Jehan says:

i realy wana try this apple cider vinegar but my doc just told me not to use any type of acidic thing on my face ????

Shivi Keshwani says:

i have sensitive skin so can i use apple cider vinegar?plzzzzz reply

Sobie It says:

so, you don't wash your face any other time than those two times a month? it would be lovely for you to tell me. thank you

Liz Torres says:

Maybe …you should dilute the vinegar. That stuff is tenderizes meat quickly..

Kylie Holub says:

What is your opinion on Ponds cold cream?

Darke Deviant says:

So, you say in your video that you shower two to three times a week, and you do this face routine twice a month. When you shower the other times, do you let the water touch your skin? Do you moisturize in-between at all? And what about the flour you use – do you just let it build up on your face until the two routine days? (I'm a little confused because in a comment to someone called Gluten below, you say you only shower "2 times a month" (max 4) – which is different than in the video, which says "a week".) Btw, I just found you today, from your shared corpse eater video, and have been spending forever going from video to video. You're a pretty amazing person. 🙂

May Katherine says:

Beeran, because of you I have clear skin. Thank you <3

Far Ai says:

girl you look like paul mccartney in the 60's

underwaterlife says:

what if you exercise? and how do you protect your skin from the sun?

Lindsey obua says:

Do you use water?

JustJackJoseph says:

cannot believe your skin was that bad looking at how perfect it is now!!

AU CZ says:

wait, so do I use the cold cream after ACV or healing salve?:)

elhassan fagrouche says:

baby you saved my fucking life ?

sharifa alhassan says:

Didn't help at all

Xtina Trina says:

thats why your hair are so oily in the video because you dont wash your self ?

Courtney Lane says:

You remind me of Marzia Bisognin?

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