A Spicy Green Tea With Cinnamon And Apple Cider Vinegar That Fight Fat And Boost Metabolism

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This spicy green tea has a punch because it has ingredients that help fight fat.

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Music-“Ishikari Lore” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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nemoryer says:

Why add Stevia when you already added honey? For me, that would be a tad
too sweet, plus, I am diabetic. Do you start off with hot water? Thanks.´╗┐

nihar shetty says:

Thank you´╗┐

Alisha Rose says:

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been drinking green tea for years but have never
had it cold or with added spices.´╗┐

Daniell Talley says:

Yall are so adorable! I will be making this.´╗┐

maya ethiopia says:

Healthy substances i tried , tks!´╗┐

Sonya Floyd says:

I just love that you and your husband are working together. That is
definitely a beautiful thing.´╗┐

Tonya Knox says:

mmmmmmm ima try´╗┐

Alanna Green says:

Beautiful couple, I will give this a try as I love all of the ingredients
(except stevia). I think I can manage with the honey. Take good care and
thanks for sharing!´╗┐

michelle roberts says:

New Subscriber love this recipe just tried it not bad I added more cinnamon
because I was going by memory at the time!!´╗┐

kim Jackson says:

I’m going to try this.. I buy green tea & honey any way.. so I will be
adding this on my next cup.. thanks for sharing´╗┐

ToGiveGlory Life & Fitness says:

I so love green tea, and spicy foods. I will have to try this one.´╗┐

Angel Anita says:

I would have never though to make this, great video and recipe.´╗┐


I just love y’all channel going to try the spice tea love any kind of hot

Get In Shape With Lee says:

Me too i am going to try, I love green tea and anything spicy! Why add the
sweetener at the end if you already added honey? ´╗┐

sistahonamission says:

Alright I need a little spiciness in my life! LOL!! I am going to try your
recipe. Thanks for sharing. Peace. ­čÖé ´╗┐

Cassandra Anglin FitandFree says:

Alright now Sandy! I am going to try this guys! Looks good!´╗┐

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