6 Hacks To Fight Inflammation – Saturday Strategy

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INFLAMMATION is our body’s response mechanism to an abnormal occurrence or foreign invader, such as injury or infection. Acute inflammation is the kind we experience after an injury.

Chronic-inflammation however is very different. It contributes to 7 out of 10 of the leading causes of death in the United States. This kind of inflammation has been shown to cause a whole host of complications and diseases such as autoimmune diseases, arthritis, asthma, obesity, premature aging, and even heart disease and cancer.

So what causes chronic inflammation? Some factors are beyond our control such as injury, and infection, but a small brush fire can become a tragic blaze with the right environment. For us, over-consumption of sugar, saturated fats, trans fats, processed carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners and alcohol can fan the flames of chronic inflammation.

So how do we know if we are chronically inflamed? Here are some symptoms:

• Constant fatigue
• High blood pressure
• Ulcers or Irritable bowel syndrome
• Allergic reactions
• Unexplainable weight gain

So how can we undo the damage of chronic inflammation and arm ourselves to prevent it in the future? Here are 5 Anti-Inflammation Hacks

• Dark Leafy Greens – Cytokines are a type of small protein that play a huge role in immune response and inflammation. Vitamin E, found in spinach and swiss chard, helps reduce the amount of cytokines in our body.

• Nuts and Seeds – While sunflower seeds are super high in vitamin E, all nuts and seeds contain anti-oxidants. These play an enormous role in the fight against inflammation by repairing the self-inflicted cell damage it causes.

• Beets – Another veggie super high in antioxidants, the beet has been shown to fight inflammation and help thin the blood. It’s also a good source of vitamin C.

• Ginger & Turmeric Elixir- I can’t stress enough how valuable ginger as a naturopathic treatment. For millennia, this root has been used to treat pain, swelling, allergies, stomach ulcers, and even cancer and heart disease with positive results across many cultures. Turmeric is another one of my favorites, helping reduce inflammation by easing our immune response.

Ashwagandha – Sometimes referred to as the indian ginseng, Ashwagandha root falls under the category of “adaptagen,” meaning it’s been shown to reduce stress and similar symptoms on the body.

• Exercise – Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise have shown to decrease C-reactive protein, also known as CRP. CRP is a marker of inflammation. Even being active once per week was enough to lower CRP in test subjects significantly.


2 Leaves Collard Greens
2 Kale leaves
2 Green Apples
1/4 Hemp Seed Oil
1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Knuckles of turmeric
1 Knuckle of Ginger

For a chance to win some Organifi Green Juice, and a juicer, please leave a comment below about your experience with juicing, smoothies, nutrition, or how you or a loved one have encountered inflammation. It is very healing for us and our community to share and spread knowledge and celebrate our progress here together.



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Eric Edwards says:

Get to what the message of the video … blah blah

Laura O'Pry says:

Many folks who are in chronic pain and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia actually have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Following an anti-inflammatory diet does help with some of the pain and GI symptoms caused by EDS.

dshawn crabtree says:

Nothing more cheesy and cringeworthy than a midwestern or southern redneck moving to California and becoming vegan and "enlightened " how fucking horrible is it to live in the Midwest that you would want to move to California among millions of immigrants and fake ass people full of smog and big government regulators who watch your every move? I'm Mexican American born and raised in California and moved 10 years ago because of how incredibly overcrowded it's become , half of Asia and South America live in Los Angeles, and the weather is no longer a factor when most of the day the sky's are polluted with smog , I live in Chicago now and while it's not as warm as l.a it is definitely much more livable, the highways aren't as congested the downtown area has lots to do and the summers here are actually nicer than California without the crowded beaches of l.a, I do not miss California one bit, especially because of all the fake ass white people who ,over to California and pretend to be hip and trendy when you can clearly see they are redneck transplants from the south

Eileen Fafowora says:

I live in London. How and where can the juice be purchased. It's not on Amazon UK.

Sunshine Bay says:

I just discovered ur channel last week. I m really enjoying ginger and lemon water… have to try some tumeric. I have asthma and esinophillic esophagitis, so am looking for ways to avoid taking medications! Tx for ur informative videos!

Carol Hampton says:

Ok I am a mess! Just found out I am border diabetic. No vit c , dhea Dr gave me a month to get it together! Before we take the next medical step! Just found your channel ! When I go back in a month , I think I will be disappointing the dr! Today I hit the market for organic veggies/fruits. Awesome channel!

Ninfa V. says:

Drew i have the fibro n arthritis n migraine wow!
i tried the vinegar but im v sensitive of my stomach:/ oops anyway trying different juices n smoothies i keep positive always✌?thanks:)

Itss Ricaa says:

My first video that I have seen of yours !! Love it ❤️️ New Subscriber. I have been dealing with thyroid problems for about 6 months now . The cramping and bloating that it comes with is horrible !! I have been trying so many different recipes to help . Sometimes I lose hope that I will ever get well .. but I'm learning to trust in God because he never failed me . Definitely gonna try some of the items you used to make this smoothie asap !!

6100GG says:

You're hot!

Stefanie Kristine says:

How can I join for the chance to win??

anyssarobertsify says:

That could make a good side dish recipe, like collard greens. The juice is a wee bit intense.

Dominique V. says:

How sexy you look holding those leaves!!! Hehehe… I love your personality…

Nivea Rivera says:

I've been dealing with fibromalgia for 5 years and the pain keeps getting worse please can you help me with a little more information I deal with a lot of information on my knees

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