5 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar in Your Beauty Routine | The Cut with Susan Yara

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Beauty and wellness experts rave about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. While there are tons of ways to use it for your wellness, you can use it in your beauty routine too. From a DIY face mask to makeup brush cleaner, we rounded up our favorite ways to use it. Watch the latest episode of The Cut with Susan Yara to learn more!

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dimple pascua says:

ACV worked wonders for my hair and scalp.

Rebekah Crawford says:

You should do a review of Younique`s new Instant Lift Serum! To see if it`s really an `instant face lift in a bottle`! And compare it to other products like it, etc.

Kirara Amber says:

I used it always as toner then layer it with hydration toner (double toners) and if I have a pimple , I compressed my pimple using ACV (my mix ratio is 2 table spoon of ACV and 2 glass of water, keep in freeze,use it whenever I need it) but since I have very sensitive skin , I can't use it every evening.

Lidia Poet says:

I drink this with water and I also use it down below for vagina scent

Shay Cohen says:

i use it as a toner and its great but im actually confiused if i should wash my face after or let it sit becouse the smell is not so friendly ?

L Hiddles says:

I always use it on my scalp but I cant stand the smell and it lasts up to 4 days on my hair ??

Alwena Lc says:

That adorable babybump !!!♥

Diany Gonzalez says:

Now if only we could make it smell better ? I can't stand it one bit.

Quamara Munira says:

I mix ACV with my clay mask for clear acne and oil from my skin.
It works??

Paty Ferreira says:

Hello, you're pregnant? if so, Congratulations! =)

Sabrina Marie says:

I've been using it as a toner and I love it! Highly suggest it over store bought products.

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