10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks you should know.

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We’ve put together a list of 10 interesting ways to make that bottle of vinegar work for you. Audible Trial: http://audible.com/household
Topics covered:
1. Unclogging a drain
2. Removing adhesive residue
3. Getting rid of awful smells.
4. DIY Cleaning Products
5. DIY Fruit fly Trap
6. Getting Wrinkles out of clothing (My favorite)
7. Preventing pets from scratching
8. Make flowers last longer
9. Cleaning your glasses perfectly
10. Removing baked on gunk in a frying pan

Post your own in the comments!

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Shauna Dewoody says:

My fiancé has suffered from foot complications so the 6 years we have been together, and everything else he used simply kept everything at bay. Of all the possible alternatives he tried, only this toenails fungus treatment method “yuzo shocking plan” (Google it) seems to have done the job well. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

National Dispatch LLC says:

Love Vinegar!

Chickenmaster Go says:

But vinegar is expensive


Thank you for all of the Great ideas.

Joe shit the rag man says:

If I sprayed vinegar on my clothes, my friends would know for a fact I was a douche bag.

Haylee Golladay says:

Nooo this will make your house smell like nasty vinegar

EZ's Aquarium says:

Where did he find that couch? The free ad on Craigslist! Yuck!

Bugster987 says:

Want to make everything stink of vinegar? Just spray with vinegar!

Kinley Dolma says:

Does Apple cider vinegar works on removing road tar stains on cloths?

Xander Warwick says:

the question is, who would want their furniture to smell of vinegar

Justin Mcnabb says:

Tired of that person who always wrecks your tits talking crap on a night out? Just spray with some vinegar.

AkaYuki says:

apple vinegar. mix it with water,drink every night&u slim or thats just me

Donna Waller says:

Thanks for the reminder, I've got to get spilled gas odor out of my car. It's really bad..Vinegar is the answer. Thanks again…DW

JoeAceJR says:

Who else thinks its funny when he makes things worse than they really are?

The Future Sound Of Egypt says:

cats hate vinegar 😃

Aragorn Stellar says:

I always thought vinegar was self preserving. But I had a bottle that developed a cloudy center core kind of like a precipitate inside. I was able to filter it out with a coffee filter for cleaning purposes but I would never use it for consumption. Anybody else have this problem?

becky farmer says:

works great the whole house smells like a pickle I will not call it pickle Haven but it is clean

Shawanda Hanley says:

wowwwwww!!!! people are really rude here it's really unnecessary if you didn't like it just keep it moving. Y'all are HATEFUL

Mac Pelao says:

for the wrinkles on a shirt, you don't need vinegar.. water alone will do the trick.

Fuck ur feelings says:

I know someone who spent a fortune on creams for toe nail fungus, all she had to do was soak her feet in white vinegar every night for 10-14 minutes. After a while it will vanish.
Also cleans a toilet no matter how bad the stains.

Meme Lord says:

Did you get an F- on your test??? Well, sprinkle some white vinegar on your teacher and the paper!!! 🤗🤗

The1reclaimer says:

Does your penis smell like dead fish? Dip it on some boiling hot vinegar for about 10 seconds and wallah, brand new penis

Alan van Graafeiland says:

1:33 Hey You Stole My Cat …

Suprima Sahoo says:

very nice video

ArtByRebecca says:

Does it have to be white vinegar? the white vinegar is like £2 from Tesco but is in a small bottle :/

Mage! Sans says:

So wait number 3 was removing oil and grease from metals?

Tim Krause says:

For fruit flies, I use apple cider vinegar with 2-3 drops of dish soap. No need to cover it. It catches and kills.

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