10 Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Uses

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10 different ways to use apple cider vinegar in your everyday life!

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Charu R says:

thank you very much sister ☺?

Rimmy jain says:

can I use 'Green elements apple Cider vinegar' with mother ?

Niuall says:

Do you dilute the ACV

Raven Hunter says:

What y'all talking about , it smell good

Gymnast Fun says:

Are you vegan

chinkee treadway says:

what happen if i apply ACV directly on my face w/out adding water?thnk you.

Afreen Khan says:

thz iz for all types of skins ? my skin iz so dry

Dhonna Sales says:

I want to try this! ? hope it really works..

Audrina Duval says:

Hey Vanessae there's this great book on Amazon, it has so many recipes on ACV for beauty and weight loss etc if ever you're interested 🙂

Sonita Lisua says:

I have e one without e mother on , can it still work ???

ayy iii says:

Hi I just want to ask what kind of mask in mumber 9?

Nick says:

Can i leave ACV on my face for overnight ? Thanks for the answer 🙂

Paktiyawal naaz says:

what is the name of that powder?

Shaikh shoeb says:

The clay is multani mitti I guess

Zannat Bima says:

how can i buy it??
i,m from bangladesh.

thiyaga rajan says:

will it help in new hairgrowth if mixed with onion and garlic

Alejandra SV says:

I really don't have a spray bottle handy, do you have any recommendation on how to put the ACV on my hair?

Inoka Wijesooriya says:

I'm 12 can I use it

evangeline dasal says:

i know the smells really bad. If i use this on my hair and rinse it after, does the smell goes away ? I accidentally poured it once in my shirt and it really stinks.

BOSSGAMMER Official says:

wow you really very pretty

Milja Miikkulainen says:

Do you have to let the apple cider vinegar in fridge? love you giirl?

aya mazaya says:

hey I'm sorry i don't mean to attack you or anything really. but i tried the detox mask with my mask and acv (different brand, i used heinz) but i got burnt and it leaves me skin red and a little hurt. also the scent is making me cry. is it me who is not normal or is it really just the brand i use? thank you i really appreciate it

Nataša Štupar says:

Great video ! 🙂

Maha Appa says:

which brand is original acv?

sangeeta vaishnav says:

can I use regular and white color apple cider vinegar on skin and hair

Vajeeha Butt says:

hi iamvanessae
can you please tell me which one to use sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite clay ? because i am not sure .

thank you

jean Mae says:

What the name of powder you used for your face mask

Jennifer Chavez says:

where do you get that Apple cider vinegar

Jesse Renteria says:

You can also use Apple Vinegar for fungus or Dry cracked feet. All you do is with a piece of paper towel And apply into the dry area.

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