1 Apple Cider Vinegar DIY = Face Toner + Hair Brightener

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In this DIY, I’ll be showing you how to make a hair brightener and a face toner with 3 simple ingredients.


Aliyah Angel says:

I got scared at first n

cawaiixia says:

May i know what brand of acv are you using? Thanks 🙂

TheVenerated says:

OMG PLEASE DONT! raw unpasturised apple cider vinegar must be used, as it
fits in with the skins natural acid mantle balance – any other vinegar will
just be like an acid on ur face – if you dont want to use the apple
vinegar, try DILUTED lemon juice (you can always add more lemon, but test
it out v diluted first to see how u react) there are lots of
reviews/recipes for lemon juice skin care

Lyndsey Sutton says:

Lemon juice is a great substitute for ACV It also works as a lightener, so
it can help with any dark spots and just generally brighten up your face
and hair.

Mac Phantom says:

you are lovely

Parasuniversal.com says:

out of all the apple cider vinegar vids … this one is my fav… simple,
straight forward and lots of bullet points. than

Lyndsey Sutton says:

It is totally normal for ACV to turn your face red. It IS acidic. It is not
damaging. The redness goes away in about 10 minutes. Moisturize it, don’t
freak out, and your skin will get healthier over time.

Lyndsey Sutton says:

Don’t use white vinegar. If you don’t have ACV, lemon juice works nicely.

flh618 says:

what’s the use of a toner? sorry i never really understood

ferndama says:

@Traiitimden thanks! =) and I’ve never substitute apple cider vinegar
before, but after some research, I wasn’t able to find any direct
substitute for this recipe. Sorry! I’ll message you if I find any other
toner recipe that you might find more helpful.

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wartemple75 says:

I like you

Anton Shelihov says:

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ferndama says:

@TsumiyaUra thanks miya for supporting my videos! ^^

ferndama says:

@lilmisssour12 haha I will work on that =) thanks for your comment! hope
that u’ll enjoy this DIY! ^^

1028Merlion says:

I like your paper cut outs…haha…U really have a lot of ideas…anyway,
continue looking great!

lillypad3320 says:

You say green tea promotes hair growth and you want me to put that on my
face? NO THANKS! I don’t want to look like a man.

vivz0713 says:

bubz did a really similar DIY before. She used almost the exact same

Jay B says:

Great video, thank you. I’m going to give it a try. You’re very beautiful.

XiaoBei16 says:

always when i hear ‘vinegar’ i remember the stingy, gros smell of white
vinegar… -.- but what the heck.. i ll look in the store for the apple
cider one! Really want to try it =)

chloe joe says:

Can I use normal cider vinegar instead of apple? I dont have acne, I just
want to even out my skin tone

vivz0713 says:

bubz did a really DIY before..

andromeda says:

Hi, what song is playing in your video? ^^

Traiitimden says:

I was wondering if there’s a substitute to apple cider vinegar? Thanks and
great DIY tutorial =)

laylae eladlani says:

going to try that sounds good

ferndama says:

@ashannonshow thanks! and yup ^^ natural food is really great for skin, no
harmful chemical. =)

ferndama says:

@flh618 toner is great for shrinking pores and its also cleanse your skin.
Use it after you wash your face with a cleanser, the toner will help remove
any residue on your skin.

KoiNohappygolucky says:


helluhpinoy says:

it’s like what isn’t green tea good for. good for your skin, hair, and not
to mention, it’s delicious and great for a cold or fever. :]

TsumiyaUra says:

thank you for the video ^.^ I look forward to more >.<

Lyndsey Sutton says:

Thank you for this video! I love DIY girls.

ferndama says:

@helluhpinoy very true haha its so multi-purposeful!

ChihiroOh says:

@lillypad3320 hahahahaha good one 😛

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